DC's Young Animal Line to End Its Current Run

young animal

DC's critically acclaimed Young Animal imprint, curated by Gerard Way, will end its current run in August.

In a statement to The Beat, Way said the imprint will conclude in August, but there are plans for the imprint and its flagship title Doom Patrol to return.

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"In August, Shade, Cave Carson and Mother Panic will end at issue 6 as we originally planned, alongside Eternity Girl," he said. "It’s been an incredible run for each of them and I’m so thankful to all the writers and artists who began this journey with me, and who created such incredible stories."

Launched in 2016, Young Animal focused largely focused on characters existing on the fringe of the DC Universe, with Doom Patrol, by Way and artist Nick Derington, leading the charge, joined by such titles as Shade, the Changing Girl and Mother Panic. The self-described "pop-up imprint" relaunched many of its titles in March, and began to tie more directly into the DC Universe; Doom Patrol crossed paths with the Justice League in the five-part Milk Wars storyline.

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While Shade, Cave Carson, Mother Panic and Eternity Girl are coming to a close, Way assured fans that Doom Patrol and Young Animal will return, eventually.

"It’s also important to me that we get the Doom Patrol schedule back on track," he said. "We’ll be taking a few months break so we can get caught up. This is not the end of Young Animal. We’ll have more to news to share when we come back with Doom Patrol.”

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