"Young Allies'" Araña Makeover

Today, Marvel Comics sent out one of its now-standard teaser images for an upcoming series - in this case the June-launching "Young Allies" ongoing from Sean McKeever and David Baldeon. And while the art in question looks very familiar to those who followed the announcement of the book one dramatic change has been made to a core cast member.

Accompanied only by the tagline "There's A New Girl In Town," the previously seen shot of the incoming teen team now features a redesigned Araña, the young Latina heroine who's recently appeared alongside Nomad in McKeever and Baldeon's "Captain America" back-up serial.

Whether this means the Araña fans know will be replaced by an all-new player or whether the costume change is merely a tease for upcoming plotlines remains unknown, but what can be seen from the art in question is that the spider-themed superhero seems to be taking a cue from former Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter (AKA Arachne) in her costume design.

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