You'll want to beam up these incredible 'Star Trek' figures

With the 50th anniversary of "Star Trek" comes a treasure trove of collectibles for fans of the original series, not the least of which are these Kirk and Spock action figures from Quantum Mechanix.

Based on the likenesses of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, naturally, these 1/6th-scale figures boast 30 points of articulation, and finely detailed Starfleet uniforms. Each figure comes with multiple interchangeable hands as well as character-appropriate accessories: Both have phasers and communicators, with Kirk also getting a clipboard, while Spock sports a tricorder.

The figures will debut next month at Comic-Con International, with an exclusive versions of Kirk (with phaser rifle) and Spock (with lyre) available for $200 at the QMx booth (#4145), or from the website beginning June 23. The standard versions will be offered for $180 by retailers.

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(via Toyark)

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