"You'll Have That" Vol. 2 Released This Holiday Season

Official Press Release

Thanks to Viper Comics, put your Christmas shopping list to bed early this year when the independent publisher releases the second collection of their critically acclaimed debut webcomic, You'll Have That , this December.

You'll Have That is the creation of cartoonist Wes Molebash.   The strip follows the lives of Andy and Katie, a newlywed couple in their twenties as they try to figure out life and love together.   In the second volume of the popular webcomic strip, Andy defaces the ceiling with a golf club, Steve falls in love, and Katie won't open her Christmas presents early.   Foreword by Bruce Blitz, host of the Emmy-nominated TV series Cartooning With Blitz .

"Wes's strip just keeps getting better and better," said Viper Comics President Jessie Garza.   "This collection has some of the best and funniest strips he has produced and having them all in one place is the perfect way to get caught up in the lives of Andy and Katie."

You'll Have That began its life in October of 2004 and is now updated every weekday.   In 2005 Katie and Andy were joined by Viper's second webcomic, The Horrible Pirates, created by Patrick Bussey.   Now, Viper is looking to add one more name to their webcomic roster and is accepting open submissions through October 21.

You'll Have That Volume 2 hits stores in December and will sell for $5.95.

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