You won't find 'Sex' in Apple's App Store

It seems Sex doesn't sell, at least through Apple.

The new Image Comics series by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski debuted Wednesday virtually everywhere, except on the Image Comics iOS and comiXology COMICS iOS apps, as it ran afoul of the App Store's frequently bewildering rules governing sexual content.

As that policy isn't likely to change for subsequent issues, the publisher is suggesting that readers purchase digital copies on iBooks or directly from the Image Comics website, and then sync them to their iOS device and preferred app. Sex is also available on the comiXology website.

Announced at Comic-Con International, Sex follows a retired superhero as he tries to adjust to a “normal” life. Casey told ROBOT 6 in January that, unlike so many superhero comics, the sex in this monthly series doesn't remain off-panel. "This is a book for adults, and I’m assuming adults can handle whatever adult situations we choose to show on-panel," he said. "I could be wrong about that …  but I guess we’ll all find out, because there’s going to be plenty of things that will stay 'on-panel.'"

Sex #2 goes on sale April 2 ... just not in the App Store.

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