You, too, can be <i>Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!</i>

Tyrese Gibson, the model/actor/singer who set Twitter afire last summer with ... aggressive ... marketing for his Image Comics miniseries Mayhem!, is back -- this time with Halloween costumes. At least I presume they're intended for Halloween.

Party-goods retail chain Party City is taking pre-orders (really?) for exclusive Mayhem costumes, which ship next month. What's more, the first 100 orders receive a free copy of the comic autographed by Gibson.

"Not all super heroes play by the rules!" reads the description for the adult costume. "Blow away thugs as the heroic vigilante ripped from the pages of the Tyrese Gibson comic book! Adult Mayhem costume features a character mask, shirt with screen-print logo, matching pants, foam knee pads, black boot tops, and utility belt with plastic combat knives and pouches. Killer!"

The blurb for the boy's costume dials back the violence, if only slightly, describing Li'l Mayhem as "mad, bad and dangerous to know!" There's nothing as adorable as a pint-sized, knife-wielding vigilante -- I don't care what anyone says!

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