You, too, can be killed by Zoe in Terry Moore's 'Rachel Rising'

Terry Moore is offering Rachel Rising fans a unique opportunity: to be murdered by 10-year-old serial killer Zoe in the pages of his horror comic.

"The down side of winning this contest is, it will result in your grizzly, fictional death. Awww," he explains on his website. "The up side is, you will be forever immortalized in comics history! Yaaay! Long after you and I are gone, the issue with your demise will be around somewhere, enjoyed by later generations who will know your face and first name and talk about your encounter with our beloved psycho."

To enter the contest, all you have to do is put the words "Rachel Rising" on pubic display (without defacing someone else's property, of course), and email a photo of it to Moore. You can enter as many time as you like, using different displays. The contest is open until March 10; Moore will announce the winner on March 12.

Full details can be found on Moore's website.

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