I'm going to be taking the next few days to fill you in on the various membership levels of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the organization that, well, does just that - supplies legal defense for comic book related matters pertaining to protecting the First Amendement rights of comic book creators and retailers. I'm a member, so I think you should be, too!

This year, for the general membership fee of $25 for the year, members will be given the following membership card, drawn by Ivan Reis.

This card allows them entrance into special CBLDF events over the year (including them getting special merchandise at certain comic book conventions).

Click here to join as a regular member (tax-deductible, naturally).

The next level is Supporter, which also gets you some CBLDF buttons and a CBLDF bumper sticker.

Click here to join as a Supporter.

Tomorrow, I'll detail the next level of supporter!

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