You may not have known Minck Oosterveer's work, but here's a chance to do so

I just got an e-mail from Chip Mosher of Boom! Studios about the death of Minck Oosterveer earlier this week. Oosterveer was a Dutch artist who only recently started working in the States, most notably on the Boom! series The Unknown, which was written by Mark Waid. The Unknown was a cool comic about a genius private investigator, and it looked superb thanks to Oosterveer's pencils. It's too bad more Americans didn't get a chance to see his work, which was sexy without being exploitative and gritty without obscuring his clean lines. Mosher let us (the "press") know that in honor of Oosterveer, they're offering all eight issues of the The Unknown and its sequel, The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh mini-series for free through all their digital partners - ComiXology, ComicsPl.us, Graphicly, and MyDigitalComics. Or you could, you know, buy the trades. They're quite good.

Matt Gagnon, the EIC of Boom!, has a nice appreciation of Oosterveer here. And underneath the cut you can check out the first few pages of The Unknown #1.

The comics world has lost a talented artist. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

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