You Know What I Liked Best About the Nightmarist?

Both Greg and I did reviews of Duncan Rouleau's 2005 graphic novel back when it came out, but I just wanted to take the time to point out how pleased I am, in retrospect, that Rouleau used the name "Ministry of Dreams" in the comic.

Good work, Duncan!

Such a risk, especially as a kind gentleman let me know via e-mail that God was pissed at Rouleau, because God:

found out that rouleau stole the God spoken protected name ministry of dreams and knew, was written, asked, but keeps the name on and rouleau has cancelled book, duncan rouleau now hides, lost all jobs, like nikolodian, tell on jonah saith God and watch her run to remove ministry of dreams, jonah wants Gods servant to get ruint, wont, type in google jonah weiland stole the name, write her and ask her why years later, and knew, she will run to remove, dont use her hosting to get ruint bu satans child saith God,

Sooooooooooo true.

Especially about how Jonah wants God's servant to get ruint. Effin' Weiland.

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