'You do not want me as a neighbor': Cartoonist/musician Brian Chippendale on NPR

Brian Chippendale is a just-plain interesting cat. He's a co-founder of Providence, Rhode Island's hugely influential art/comics/music/madness collective Fort Thunder, he's the drummer in the insanely intense punk/metal/noise band Lightning Bolt, and just for fun he writes a blog about Marvel Comics.

Now he's talking to NPR station WRNI about the whole shmear. Listen to the interview for details on his 800-page (!) upcoming sci-fi graphic novel If n' Oof for PictureBox Inc., his experiences being evicted from multiple residences by the city of Providence, his drumming style, the pitfalls of political comics, the faded glory of the "mill scene" in which artists lived and worked in abandoned industrial buildings, and more. And be sure to check out the bonus video below, in which Chippendale shows off some gorgeously dense If n' Oof pages.


(via Frank Santoro)

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