You Decide - Does the Snickers Ad in DC Comics Distract You While Reading DC Comics?

A couple of friends of mine were talking recently about product placement in films, and it inspired me to write about whether Josie and the Pussycats actually didn't get paid for all of the crazy amounts of product placement that were in that film. That, in turn, made me think about the current Snickers ads that are appearing in DC Comics, as part of Snickers' ad campaign where a person acts like a different person when they are hungry (like Marcia Brady acts like Danny Trejo when she is hungry and Jan Brady acts like Steve Buscemi when she is hungry). In this instance, Wonder Woman acts like Doomsday when she is hungry, so Batman and Superman solve the situation by giving her a Snickers.

The ad is done in big full page panels in the middle of comic books that often star Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman (if you're unfamiliar with it, then, well, I guess this isn't the poll for you). What's your reaction to these ads? Read on for the poll!

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