You Decide ’11 – Week 2 Results!

Each day in February I give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last five days. The results will be posted every Tuesday. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the next batch of poll results!


All amonts are rounded up except in the case of breaking ties.

Out of 1,123 replies to the question:

Who is Your Favorite Regular Fantastic Four Writer?

You decided that your favorite was:

26% Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

25% John Byrne

17.99% Mark Waid (since his ranking wouldn't have changed, I didn't adjust Waid's numbers, but do note he was not an option for the first 30 votes cast, so you figure he would pick up a percentage point or two had he been - even had he gotten all 30, though, he would have remained in 3rd place)

17.90% Jonathan Hickman

4% Walter Simonson

2.05% Mark Millar

1.6% Tom DeFalco

0.8% Chris Claremont

0.71% Roger Stern

0.62% Stan Lee (solo)

0.62% Carlos Pacheco

0.62% J. Michael Straczynski

0.53% Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

0.53% Dwayne McDuffie

0.45% Steve Englehart

0.27% Marv Wolfman

0.18% Roy Thomas

0.18% Len Wein

0% Gerry Conway

0% Doug Moench _______________________________________________________________________________

Out of 1,553 replies to the question:

Who is Batman's second-best villain?

You decided that the second-best was::

31% Two-Face

28% Ra's al Ghul

14% Catwoman

9% Riddler

3.28% Bane

3.16% Penguin

3.16% Scarecrow

2.32% Simon Hurt

1.74% Hush

1.55% Hugo Strange

1.22% Mister Freeze

0.52% Clayface

0.32% Killer Croc _______________________________________________________________________________

Out of 996 replies to the question:

Which current ongoing Vertigo series is your favorite?

You decided that your favorite was:

30% Fables

20% Scalped

10% The Unwritten

9% Hellblazer

8% Sweet Tooth

6% American Vampire

4.82% I, Zombie

4.62% DMZ

4.52% Northlanders

2% House of Mystery

0.2% Jack of Fables _______________________________________________________________________________

Out of 721 replies to the question:

What's your favorite series Brian Michael Bendis is currently writing?

You decided that your favorite was:

28% Ultimate Spider-Man

26% New Avengers

18% Avengers

14% Powers

12% Scarlet

2% Ultimate Doom _______________________________________________________________________________

Out of 826 replies to the question:

Which is your favorite one of Marvel's "Double Feature" titles?

You decided that your favorite was:

40% Tales of Suspense - Iron Man and Captain America

39% Strange Tales - Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD and Doctor Strange

8% Amazing Adventures - Inhumans and Black Widow

5.08% Tales to Astonish - Namor and Hulk

4.96% Tales to Astonish - Giant Man and Hulk

3% Strange Tales - Human Torch and Doctor Strange _______________________________________________________________________________

Out of 587 replies to the question:

What's Your Favorite Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Collaboration?

You decided that your favorite was:

49% Batman: The Long Halloween

16% Superman For All Seasons

8% Challengers of the Unknown

6.81% Spider-Man: Blue

6.64% Daredevil: Yellow

5% Batman: Dark Victory

2.9% Batman: Haunted Knight (the collection of their Halloween one-shots)

2.73% Catwoman: When In Rome

2% Hulk: Gray

1% Wolverine and Gambit: Victims _______________________________________________________________________________

Out of 1,193 replies to the question:

Who is the Greatest Avengers Villain?

You decided that your favorite was:

48% Ultron

28% Kang

14% The Masters of Evil

6% Loki

3% The Dark Avengers

0.42% The Hood's Crime Syndicate _______________________________________________________________________________

Check back next Tuesday for the latest results, and check back every day to vote on the You Decide '11 question of the day!

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