You Decide '11 - Master List of Polls and Results

Here are the polls that have been conducted so far for You Decide '11. Each poll lasts five days. The results are revealed every Tuesday.

1. What is Your Favorite Current Avengers Title?

2. Who Are Your Favorite Non-Founding Members of the Satellite Era JLA?

3. Who is Your Favorite Regular Fantastic Four Writer?

4. Who is Batman's Second-Best Villain?

5. Which current Vertigo ongoing series is your favorite?

6. What is your favorite series Brian Michael Bendis is currently writing?

7. Which is your favorite one of Marvel's "Double Feature" titles?

8. What is Your Favorite Loeb/Sale Collaboration?

9. Who is the Greatest Avengers Villain?

10. Who is the Greatest Villain Created/Co-Created by Jack Kirby?

11. What is your favorite current ongoing Batman title?

12. Who do you want to see as the current Batgirl?

13. What do you like better - Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four or Ditko/Lee Spider-Man (the first 41 issues of each)?

14. What do you like better - Kirby/Lee Fantastic Four or Ditko/Lee Spider-Man (the full runs)?

15. Whose Avengers run have you enjoyed the most?

16. What's the best Batman story written by Frank Miller?

17. Who is your least favorite member of the Fantastic Four?

18. Battle of the Second-Tier Heroes!

19. Which decade had the most good Marvel comics?

20. Which pair of male friends do you think is the best "bro-mance" in superhero comics?

21. Who is your least favorite Green Lantern Corps member from Earth?

22. Who would win in a fight - Captain America or Daredevil?

23. What was your favorite Milestone Media ongoing series?

24. Who would win in a fight - Batman (Dick Grayson) or Captain America (James Barnes)?

25. Who would win in a fight - Superman or Thor?

26. Who is the Best Costume Designer in Superhero Comics?

27. What Was the Best Marvel Comics Run of the 1980s?

28. What is the Best Live Action Batman Feature Film?

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