You Decide '09 - Week 4 Results!

Each day in October I'll give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last four days. The results will be posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) Election Day on the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the fourth week's worth of poll results!


I'll be giving the rounded percentage numbers (like 37% instead of 36.8%), except to break a tie! Because of rounded numbers, some percentages may seem to add up to more than 100%.____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,694 replies to the question:

Who is your least favorite New Teen Titan?

You decided:

25% Raven

22% Changeling

16% Wonder Girl

12.87% Starfire

12.75% Cyborg

8% Kid Flash

3% Robin ____________________________________________________________

Out of 2,196 replies to the question:

Who is the top Spider-Man villain, besides Norman Osborn?

You decided:

50% Dr. Octopus

16% Venom

12% J. Jonah Jameson

4.14% Kraven

3.64% Hobgoblin

3.23% The Kingpin

2.91% Mysterio

2% Electro

1.32% Sandman

1.28% The Lizard

1.14% Carnage

0.91% The Rhino

0.73% The Jackal

0.68% Morlun

0.41% Vulture

0.38% Chameleon ____________________________________________________________

Out of 835 replies to the question:

Who is your favorite Swamp Thing artist/art team?

You decided:

53% Stephen Bissette/John Totleben

31% Berni Wrightson

13% Rick Veitch

3% Nestor Redondo

0.48% Tom Yeates____________________________________________________________

Out of 2,263 replies to the question:

Who do you prefer Cyclops with?

You decided:

55% Emma Frost

45% Jean Grey ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,516 replies to the question:

Which Black Lantern do you want back alive the most?

You decided:

40% Martian Manhunter

24% Aquaman

20% Elongated Man and Sue

7% Hawkman

6% Ronnie Raymond

4% Hawkgirl ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,997 replies to the question:

Which non-Captain America hero do you most identify with the Avengers?

35% Hawkeye

22% Iron Man

18% Vision

8% Thor

7.26% Hank Pym

6.96% Wasp

2% Scarlet Witch

1% Quicksilver

You decided:____________________________________________________________

I've decided to hold off on posting the results of the last poll until next week. I'm curious about something and I want to try something out first.

Check back next Tuesday for the latest results, and check back every day to vote on the You Decide '09 question of the day!

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