You Decide '09 - Week 2 Results!

Each day in October I'll give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last four days. The results will be posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) Election Day on the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the second week's worth of poll results!


I'll be giving the rounded percentage numbers (like 37% instead of 36.8%), except to break a tie! Because of rounded numbers, some percentages may seem to add up to more than 100%.

Out of 1,798 replies to the question:

Who has the coolest first appearance cover?

You decided that your top choice was:

24.47% Captain America

23.97% Spider-Man

20% Superman

15% Fantastic Four

6% Flash (Barry Allen)

5% Incredible Hulk

4% Batman

2% Robin ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,364 replies to the question:

What's the Best Miller/Mazzucchelli Comic Book Work?

You decided that your pick was:

56% Batman Year One

44% Born Again ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,668 replies to the question:

Who is the Definitive Spider-Man Artist?

You decided that it was:

34% John Romita

23% Steve Ditko

18% John Romita Jr.

8% Mark Bagley

7% Todd McFarlane

3% Ross Andru

1.86% Marcos Martin

1.68% Sal Buscema

1.62% Gil Kane

1.14% Erik Larsen

0.84% Ron Frenz

0.18% Alex Saviuk ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,038 replies to the question:

Who Has Been the Best Writer of Amazing Spider-Man Since Brand New Day Began?

You decided that your choice was:

33% Dan Slott

24% Joe Kelly

19% Mark Waid

12% Fred Van Lente

4.14% Zeb Wells

3.76% Roger Stern

3.56% Marc Guggenheim

1% Bob Gale

1% Brian Reed (no tie-breaker since they both got the same amount of votes) ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,744 replies to the question:

Which was the Better Justice League?

You decided that the answer was:

Morrison's JLA 55%

Giffen and DeMatteis' Justice League International 45% ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,054 replies to the question:

Who is Aquaman's arch-nemesis?

You decided that the choice was:

Black Manta 77%

Ocean Master 23%____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,471 replies to the question:

Who is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe?

You decided that the pick was:

79% Reed Richards

11% Victor Von Doom

3% Tony Stark

2.45% Hank McCoy

1.77% Bruce Banner

1.7% Hank Pym

1% The Mad Thinker ____________________________________________________________

Check back next Tuesday for the latest results, and check back every day to vote on the You Decide '09 question of the day!

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