You Decide '09 Master List

Here is the list of questions that have been asked during our month-long special "You Decide" feature, where I let the readers voice their opinions on the following questions (results of the polls, which each last four days, are posted every Tuesday, leading up to Election Day Tuesday in the first week of November!)...

Day 1: What do you think of the respective marital statuses of Superman and Spider-Man?

Day 2: Who has the best Rogues Gallery?

Day 3: Who has the coolest first appearance cover?

Day 4: What's the best Miller/Mazzucchelli comic book work?

Day 5: Who is the definitive Spider-Man artist?

Day 6: Who has been the best writer on Amazing Spider-Man since Brand New Day began?

Day 7: Which was the better Justice League?

Day 8: Who is Aquaman's arch-nemesis?

Day 9: Who is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe?

Day 10: What was the best America's Best Comics title?

Day 11: Who is your favorite Robin?

Day 12: Which of these Ennis works is the best?

Day 13: What is your favorite Hank Pym identity?

Day 14: Who is your favorite member of the Suicide Squad?

Day 15: Who is your favorite penciler from Chris Claremont's first X-Men run?

Day 16: Who is your favorite Captain America writer?

Day 17: Who is your least favorite New Teen Titan?

Day 18: Who is the top non-Osborn Spider-Man villain?

Day 19: Who is your favorite Swamp Thing artist/art team?

Day 20: Who do you prefer Cyclops with?

Day 21: Which Black Lantern do you want back alive the most?

Day 22: What non-Captain America hero do you most identify with the Avengers?

Day 23: Who is your least favorite member of the original Justice League?

Day 24: Did you like Ben Reilly as a character?

Day 25: What was your favorite villain reveal?

Day 26: Which title has had the highest percentage of great issues?

Day 27: Who is your favorite member of the original Justice League?

Day 28: Who is the definitive Justice League artist?

Day 29: Who is your favorite butler?

Day 30: Who is your favorite member of the all-new, all-different X-Men?

Day 31: Who is your favorite horror comic host?

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