You Decide '09 - Final Week Results!

Each day in October I gave you folks a poll question. Each poll lasted four days. The results were posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) today, Election Day, the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far and all the results so far!

And here are the final week's worth of poll results!


I'll be giving the rounded percentage numbers (like 37% instead of 36.8%), except to break a tie! Because of rounded numbers, some percentages may seem to add up to more than 100%.____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,842 replies to the question:

Who is your least favorite member of the original Justice League?

You decided:

38% Aquaman

21% Martian Manhunter

15% Wonder Woman

8% Green Lantern

7% Superman

6% Batman

5% Flash ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,189 replies to the question:

Did you like Ben Reilly as a character?

You decided:

60% Yes

40% No ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,745 replies to the question:

What was your favorite villain reveal?

You decided:

21% The Thunderbolts are the Masters of Evil!

20% Ozymandias is the evil mastermind behind everything!

9% Xorn is Magneto!

8% Terra is working for Deathstroke!

5% Alex is working with the Pride!!

4.3% Omniman is a villain!

4.18% Jean Loring killed Sue Dibny!

4.18% Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin!

4.13% Darkseid is the bad guy in The Great Darkness Saga!

3.61% The President is the head of the Secret Empire!

3.15% Dynaman is Hitler!

2.98% Niles Caulder is the big bad!

2.69% "Why my dear, just say...'Uncle'..." from Swamp Thing

2.46% Mr. Mxyzptlk has gone insane!

1.78% The Hyperclan are White Martians!

1.6% Other answer...

0.63% Doctor Octopus is the Master Planner!

0.63% Alfred is the Outsider! ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,321 replies to the question:

Which title has had the highest percentage of great stories?

You decided:

36% Amazing Spider-Man

26% Daredevil

22% Hellblazer

17% Flash ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,345 replies to the question:

Who is your favorite member of the original Justice League?

You decided:

29% Batman

17% Green Lantern

15.91% Martian Manhunter

15.61% Flash

11% Superman

6% Aquaman

5% Wonder Woman ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,148 replies to the question:

Who is the definitive Justice League artist?

You decided:

33% George Perez

28% Kevin Maguire

14% Dick Dillin

9% Howard Porter

6% Mike Sekowsky

3.22% Doug Mahnke

3.14% Adam Hughes

2.87% Ed Benes ____________________________________________________________

Out of 1,597 replies to the question:

Who is your favorite butler?

You decided:

76% Alfred Pennyworth

24% Edwin Jarvis


Out of 1,694 replies to the question:

Who is your favorite member of the all-new, all-different X-Men?

You decided:

36% Nightcrawler

20% Wolverine

15% Cyclops

12% Colossus

8% Storm

5% Banshee

2% Thunderbird

1% Sunfire


Out of 657 replies to the question:

Who is your favorite horror comic host?

You decided:

35% Crypt Keeper (Tales from the Crypt)

25% Cain (House of Mystery)

19% Vampirella (Vampirella)

6% Abel (House of Secrets)

3.35% The Three Witches (The Witching Hour)

3.2% Uncle Creepy (Creepy)

2.89% Destiny (Weird Mystery Tales)

2.13% Vault Keeper (Vault of Horror)

1.98% Lucien (Tales of the Ghost Castle)

1% Old Witch (The Haunt of Fear)

0.46% Cousin Eerie (Eerie)

0.3% Eve (Secrets of Sinister House) ____________________________________________________________

That's it for You Decide '09!

I hope you had fun!!

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