You could own a replica Interceptor from Mel Gibson's 'Mad Max'

Have you ever wanted to cruise down the freeway or speed around abandoned desert roads in the iconic police car from Mad Max? Well now you can -- if you have $90,000.

The Australian Ford Falcon was the vehicle of choice for Mel Gibson's character, Max Rockatansky, in George Miller's Mad Max. According to Australia's Toughest Cars, someone is selling an exact replica!

Robot 6 posted earlier this year about one fan's quest to make a replica Interceptor, apparently he wasn't alone in his quest. Now someone is selling their own movie-quality Ford Falcon. One lucky buyer will have the joy of driving around the country doing their best Mad Max impression -- hopefully they don't meet any road gangs or run out of gas.

This car is based on the specifications of the Interceptor in the film, and even sports a MFP -- Main Force Patrol -- license plate. All of the specs and modifications can be found in the seller's listing.

(Via AustraliasToughestCars)

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