You Could Be Mark Millar's Next Collaborator

From his breakout collaboration with J.G. Jones on "Wanted" to more recent projects with the likes of Steve McNiven and Tony Harris, arguably one of the biggest factors in Scottish writer Mark Millar's success with new comic properties outside the Marvel and DC framework is his choice in artistic collaborators. And for his next creator-owned project, Millar is angling to work with someone his fans have never heard of before.

The one catch: he hasn't heard of them yet either.

"I'm looking for someone who hasn't appeared at either Marvel or DC before. The more unusual the better in the sense that I want something a little different here," Millar declared on a thread in his MillarWorld message boards. "If you're anime, painterly, non-sequential, cartoony or just a traditional superhero artist please post a sample below. Fame and fortune awaits."

The writer already tagged web cartoonist Curtis Tiegs, whose work ranges from other worldly Westerns to pop culture gag strips, as a potential future partner and is looking to share the workload and credit for his new idea with a similarly unknown prospect.

Aspiring artists interested in working with Millar are encouraged to log on to the MillarWorld boards and post a three-page sample of their sequential work in this thread. Millar's next creator-owned comic to hit the stands will be March's "Nemesis" as drawn by Steve McNiven and published by Icon.

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