You can vacation in one of these 'Batman v Superman'-inspired Airbnb rentals

Inspired by the upcoming release of Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice, Airbnb has combed its list of vacation rentals to find "the ultimate superhero getaways," so fans can embrace their inner Dark Knight or Man of Steel (or their alter egos).

Each home has a connection to either Batman or Superman, and can be rented through the website.

The Batcave for the ultimate Batman experience, Tokyo

Welcome to Bruce Wayne's Tokyo residence, which you can enjoy while he’s away on "business," as long as you promise to keep its location a secret. It even comes with a Batsuit, but you’ll have to complete the superhero initiation program first.

Bruce Wayne’s secret hideaway, Iceland

Nicknamed "The Cave up North," this apartment is where Bruce Wayne stays when he comes to Reykjavik to relax and take a little time off from his otherwise very tight crime-fighting schedule back in Gotham City.

Wayne Manor, England

This isn’t the actual Wayne Manor, but the imposing exterior looks like the perfect setting to host a Bruce Wayne fundraiser. Arriving by seaplane and landing on the private lake is definitely cooler than the Batmobile. The only thing it’s missing is Alfred!

The enchanted Batcave, Australia

For the ultimate Batcave with views, this is the top pick. It’s built onto a natural rock platform. While it's concealed behind a wooden door, once you step inside, you’re transported to another world. The perfect bat-vacation.

Clark Kent's childhood home in Kansas

Clark Kent grew up on a farm in Smallville, Kansas, after he was founded by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Relive his formative years in this Prairieside Cottage in Kansas.

The smallest house in the world, Berlin

It may not be a phone booth, but we think the world’s smallest house is the perfect space for Clark Kent to transform into Superman. Not to mention it matches his cape perfectly.

House of Steel for a Man of Steel, United States

For a superhero nicknamed the Man of Steel, we have a modern glass house with steel structure.

The Superman House in United States

This is the Superman House in name and color.

Live like a billionaire in Miami

As much as we love Batman and Superman, Lex Luthor really does live a life of luxury. Play billionaire in this island estate with water views and a tropical pool.

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