You can now order Mike Mignola's 'Skeleton Head' wine

We featured The Mortal Vintner and its Mike Mignola-designed wine labels last year, and now the Dayton, Washington-based winery are releasing the "Skeleton Head" wine en primeur via its webstore for 10 days only. But you do get a 20-percent discount during that period. I notice buying the magnum gets you a little more Mignola art in the border.

And if you order a bottle for a friend, it comes with this little card.

I like these guys. All the other lines in their range also include great illustrations on their labels, by the likes of Michael White and Chris and Beth Rahn. As a home brewer who has in the past  twisted his friends' arms to design beer labels for him, I appreciate the scale of their effort.

This stuff isn't cheap, but then, I am a man with a fair chunk of the entire Bordeaux region's 2005 output currently languishing in my cellar, so ...

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