You call it Diamond's 'skip week,' but they declare it Indy Comic Book Week

A group of creators hopes to take advantage of Diamond's "skip week" -- the fifth week of December, when the distributor won't be shipping books -- by declaring it Indy Comic Book Week.

Describing it as "not only an event, but also a call to action," organizers hope to utilize Dec. 30 to promote independent comics to retailers.

"What some would call a sad week without our favorite mainstream titles, we are calling an opportunity," the website states. "This vacancy allows independent and small press comic book creators to claim this week as their own. We challenge writers and artists to self publish new material for this week, and offer it to their local stores. We ask for retailers to take this as an opportunity to showcase local independent talent on the new release shelves. We encourage fans to break from their buying habits and try something new."

The site provides details on how creators and retailers can participate -- five stores have signed on so far -- and offers resource and links for printing and promoting comics. There's also a production blog.

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