You Are Deadpool in New Gamified Marvel Series

Marvel Comics has announced an interactive comic titled You Are Deadpool from writer Al Ewing and artists Salva Espin and Paco Diaz. With a roll of the dice -- included on page 3 of the first issue, naturally -- readers will guide Deadpool through a story with multiple endings and outcomes.

The preview pages included with the announcement (below) give readers a breakdown of how You Are Deadpool works. Each decision a reader makes corresponds with a panel number. Readers then jump ahead to the panel number of their decision, which takes the story in one direction or another. Marvel Comics scribe Kieron Gillen, known for his work on Young Avengers and Darth Vader, also guest stars in a panel to illustrate how combat works within the rules of the comic.

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You Are Deadpool is a five-part adventure gamebook in the classic tradition of FIGHTING FANTASY, LONE WOLF and DICEMAN -- where YOU, and the cut-out-and-keep DEADPOOL DIE, control the action!" series writer Al Ewing explained in a statement. "Every week brings a COMPLETE single-player adventure -- where you encounter glamorous guest-stars like HULK, GHOST RIDER, GRASSHOPPER, DAREDEVIL and ANOTHER GRASSHOPPER -- that form an EPIC QUEST the like of which you've NEVER SEEN, unless you have!”

“And there's more! Fight END-OF-LEVEL BOSSES! Manage your inventory by STEALING background objects! Explore FIVE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES in NEARLY ANY ORDER! Play the TUTORIAL LEVEL! Enjoy UNIQUE MINIGAMES about BAR FIGHTS, BEAT POETRY and SNEAKING THROUGH LEVELS! LAUGH! CRY! CHEAT! It's all waiting for YOU -- because YOU ARE DEADPOOL!” he added.

"You Are Deadpool" #1 goes on sale May 2.

YOU ARE DEADPOOL #1 (of 5)Written by AL EWINGArt by SALVA ESPIN (issues #1, 3, 5) & PACO DIAZ (Issues #2, 4)Covers by RAHZZAHOn-Sale 5/2/18

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