Yes, Miles Morales Remembers the Ultimate Universe


Miles Morales debuted in 2011 in the Ultimate Universe, following the death of that world's Peter Parker, and took up the mantle of Ultimate Spider-Man for four years until Earth-1610 was wiped out of existence during "Secret Wars."

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Certain elements of the Ultimate Universe, including Miles, his father and resurrected mother found their way to the main Marvel Universe, but a lingering question remained: Does Miles remember his life on Earth-1610 or was his memory wiped during the transition to a new world? Miles Morales co-creator Brian Michael Bendis answered this question on his blog with one word: "yes."

While this puts to rest a major plot point in the Marvel Universe, it runs counter to a conversation Miles had with Gwenpool in her own book. A page from "Gwenpool" finds the two heroes in Miles' room, where Gwenpool asks whether he remembers what his life was like in his old universe.

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"Old universe? What?" Miles responds. When Gwenpool makes a reference to his mother having been dead, Miles glances toward his mother in another room and replies, "Uh, she looks pretty alive to me."

Miles Morales stars in "Spider-Man" and "Champions," and will cross over with "Spider-Gwen" in the romanticly-titled four-part story arc "Sitting in a Tree."

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