Yes, Hot Toys will release a Quicksilver figure -- and here's proof

Just when it seemed we might never see an Avengers: Age of Ultron Quicksilver collectible figure from Hot Toys, a prototype has been spotted in the wild -- or, rather, at Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong -- alongside Nick Fury and Guardians of the Galaxy's Drax the Destroyer.

There's no word yet when the 1/6th-scale Quicksilver figure, based on the likeness of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will be available, but considering the recently revealed Scarlet Witch isn't expected to ship until the end of this year or the beginning of the next, we may be waiting a while.

Kicking off today, Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong continues through Tuesday, during which time attendees can marvel at that mammoth 1/6th-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

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