Yen Press Brings "Big Hero 6" Manga to North America

Answering a question many English-speaking manga and Disney fans have been wondering since it was learned that a "Big Hero 6" strip would be debuting in Japan's "Magazine Special" manga anthology, North American publisher Yen Press announced on Sunday that it has acquired the rights to reprint the adaptation of the animated film.

Illustrated by artist Haruki Ueno, the manga debuted in the magazine on August 20, following a special "Episode 0" preview earlier in the month. While previous Disney films have received special one-off manga adaptations in the past, "BH6" is the first to be developed as an extended, multi-part series.

As recently as last week, it remained unknown whether the manga based on Disney's take on the obscure Marvel Comics series would make its way to English language audiences.

In discussing the team in CBR's weekly AXEL-IN-CHARGE column, Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said there are currently no plans at Marvel to revisit the characters, either in the form of reprinting their original adventures, or tying into the new, Disnified versions of the characters.

"The characters and stories that have appeared in our comics are very different from what they are in the film," Alonso explained. "Releasing material that would be viewed as movie tie-in product would be a disservice to filmgoers. We wanted the Disney folks to be able to create their own unique style and story, unencumbered by those older stories."

"Big Hero 6" opens in American theaters on November 7. Yen Press has not yet announced a publication date for the translated manga.

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