Flash Back: 16 Embarrassing Yearbook Photos of Arrowverse Actors

Ever since season one, Arrow has been using flashbacks and providing us an insight into the life of Oliver Queen before the start of the series. On The Flash, Barry Allen has been making trips to the past since season one, encountering past versions of himself and the ones around him. The characters on DC's Legends of Tomorrow spend their days traveling back in time -- which, by the way, is the best job ever. And last but not least, in season two, Supergirl did an entire episode featuring Alex and Kara as teenagers. The bottom line is, all of these shows seem to be interested in going back in time, one way or another.

We decided to take a page out of Arrowverse's book and embark on a walk down memory lane. And the best way to do that is by digging up hilarious and adorable yearbook photos of our favorite Arrowverse stars. For many of us, high school is not a memory we enjoy revisiting, however, that rarely stops our parents from bringing it up while showing our yearbook photo to our relatives. Well, today, we here at the CBR are the proud parents and we're about to show you some hilarious yearbook photos of Arrowverse actors.


Many of us remember Danielle Panabaker from movies like Sky High, Stuck in the Suburbs and Read It and Weep. Like the characters she portrayed in the movies, Danielle too was but a teenager at the time. Then, from 2006 to 2008, Danielle Panabaker had a starring role on the legal drama Shark and in 2012 she starred in Piranha 3DD. In 2014, Panabaker was cast as Dr. Caitlin Snow in The CW’s show The Flash. Over the course of four seasons, Caitlin’s gone from being a genius S.T.A.R. Labs scientist to a genius S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who’s also a vigilante with a semi-evil split personality.

While Caitlin is one The Flash’s better developed female characters, the show still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to Caitlin’s personal life independent of Team Flash. Hopefully, the writers will realize their mistake and rectify it sooner rather than later. They can start off simple with some stories about Caitlin from before she became Dr. Snow. If they need inspiration, here’s an adorable yearbook photo of Danielle Panabaker when she was in the 8th grade. Headbands were a big hit back in the early '00s, which is when this photo was taken, so Danielle Panabaker was a true fashion icon.


When Tyler Hoechlin was announced to be taking on the role of Clark Kent, aka Superman, on Supergirl the reactions weren’t overwhelmingly positive. Hoechlin’s boyish charm is undeniable but many had doubts that Hoechlin had the right body for Superman. However, once Hoechlin made his debut as the Man of Steel, a lot of fans came around and have actually grown to love Hoechlin’s Superman. Everyone pretty much fell in love with how well Tayler Hoechlin was able to capture the essence of both Clark Kent and Superman. The meek and clumsy demeanor with an old-fashioned attitude clearly sets Clark apart from his confident and strong alter ego.

But, regardless of whether he’s playing Clark or Superman, Tyler Hoechlin’s smile always warms our hearts. It wouldn’t surprise us if The CW actually went looking for the most charming smile available to portray their cheerful and optimistic Superman. We’re glad the job went to Tyler Hoechlin because, so far, he’s been nothing but adorable, dorky and above all charismatic. Judging by Hoechlin’s yearbook photo his beautiful smile has been with him in his teen years. While Hoechlin didn’t change that much over the years, we have to say we prefer the Superman cut to the spikey hair he sported in high school.


Here’s an interesting factoid about Peyton List: she has portrayed three different DC Comics characters -- Lucy Lane on Smallville, Lisa Snart on The Flash and Ivy Pepper on Gotham. Lisa Snart, nicknamed Golden Glider by Cisco, made her first appearance on The Flash back in season one. Lisa is sly, charming and a little sadistic, but through her relationship with Cisco we got to see that she can also be a genuinely nice human being. Another interesting tidbit about Peyton List is that she shares the exact same name with fellow actress Peyton List (born 1998), whom you may know from Disney Channel’s Jessie. This has caused confusion on sets, in hotels, and in the media.

The two Peyton Lists are even confusing our Google searches, although the two actresses are not close in age, have different hair color, and one has done shows like Mad Man and Frequency while the other is a Disney star. Still, we had to pay close attention when looking up Peyton List yearbook photo to make sure we don’t get the wrong one. After careful observation and investigation, we concluded without a shadow of doubt that the Peyton List on this yearbook photo is indeed the actress that appeared on The Flash. After all, List hasn’t changed that much since her high school days.


Before he donned on the red suit, Grant Gustin was best known for his portrayal of Sebastian Smythe on Fox’s musical comedy-drama series Glee. In 2013, Grant Gustin appeared as Barry Allen for the first time on the second season of Arrow and a year later he got to star in his own television series, The Flash. Currently, The Flash is wrapping up its fourth season which saw Barry face a big bad who isn’t a speedster for the very first time. Plus, he got stuck in the Speed Force for six months, lost his mind, got married and suffered the loss of a protege. For Barry Allen, this was a season of rebirth and change.

Speaking of change, while we’re absolutely crazy about Grant Gustin’s hair -- well, who isn’t -- we’re glad he decided to change his hairstyle since his high school days. Don’t get us wrong, not even the spiky super-gelled hairdo can make Grant Gustin look ugly. However, this particular hairstyle would make him stand out way too much, even on a CW show. However, Grant Gustin’s hair does appear to be a bit lighter on the photo, possibly due to frosted tips -- another popular trend back in the day -- which does make his hair look more like Barry's blonde hair in the comics.


In the summer of 2006, the romantic dance movie Step Up turned two relative nobodies, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, into stars. Channing Tatum went on to star in franchises like G.I. Joe and Magic Mike, while Jenna Dewan was more interested in dance and currently hosts World of Dance on NBC. Jenna Dewan also had a recurring role on the first season of Supergirl. She portrayed Major Lucy Lane, ex-fiancee of James Olsen and younger sister of Lois Lane. The character has been absent for two seasons and odds are Lucy Lane won’t be coming back to the Arrowverse anymore.

However, what is coming back are club collar shirts (nailed that segue) and Jenna Dewan’s club collar shirt is the most eye-catching detail of her yearbook photo. Apparently, the photo was taken in the early '90s and Jenna was in 6th grade at the time. Jenna is one of the rare and lucky few who somehow managed to have a normal hairstyle in the '90s. The flip-over hair Jenna sports on the photo was popularized by Cindy Crawford and Cher Horowitz and has also made a comeback in recent years. It's safe to say, Jenna Dewan’s photo would fit in quite nicely with today’s yearbook photos.


When Emily Bett Rickards joined Arrow in season one, she was only supposed to have a small role. A few episodes where the quirky IT girl helps Oliver Queen by fixing his bullet-ridden laptop and that sort of thing. However, the fans took a liking to Rickards and her character Felicity Smoak, so the writers decided to make her a permanent fixture on the show. Soon enough, Olicity became the focal point of both the fandom and the show itself, for better or for worse. Although, some fans have grown to hate both Felicity and Olicity, the show stayed the course and in season six the happy couple got married.

Logically, now that Oliver and Felicity tied the knot, the fans have started discussing whether it’s time for them to have kids. While they are already parents to William, everyone seems to be expecting Oliver and Felicity to have a kid or two together. For now, it doesn’t look like the writers will be taking the couple down that path. However, if and when they do, provided Oliver and Felicity have a girl, here’s what she could look like if she takes after her mommy. With the twin buns and the radiant smile, Emily Bett Rickards looks like a character from an old kids’ show.


Wentworth Miller gained worldwide recognition with his portrayal of Michael Scofield on Fox’s television series Prison Break, where he starred alongside Legends of Tomorrow co-star Dominic Purcell. Since 2014, he’s been playing Captain Cold in the Arrowverse, appearing first on The Flash and later joining DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Miller’s portrayal of Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold and Citizen Cold, has been highly praised by fans of the show. Sadly, as things stand at the moment, Miller will not be returning to the Arrowverse due to restrictions Warner Bros. put on the use of the character he portrays.

After Miller’s excellent performance, it’s hard to imagine a different actor playing Captain Cold on the big screen. Even though, Miller himself doesn’t share much with his comic book counterpart in terms of physical appearance. Wentworth Miller’s buzzcut has defined him, however, the comic book character is not known for that particular hairstyle. And if, like us, you were wondering what Wentworth Miller would look like with longer hair, this yearbook photo is the answer to your prayers. Miller’s curls look so adorable, we can't help but wonder why he would ever decide to cut them.


Prior to joining the cast of Supergirl as Alex Danvers, Chyler Leigh was best known for her portrayal of Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. Chyler Leigh traded in the white coat for an all-black DEO tactical suit and now she protects National City with her adopted sister Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl. In season two, Alex got a major story arc when she came out as gay and developed an endearing relationship with Maggie Sawyer, that sadly ended in season three. The break-up with Maggie hit Alex hard and she’s still coping with it, all the while working incessantly on stopping Reign and saving Sam, made even more challenging by the fact they’re the same person. Nevertheless, Alex still found the time to get a cool new haircut.

Fortunately, Leigh’s new haircut doesn’t look anything like the one she’s proudly sporting in this yearbook photo. In true '90s fashion, Chyler Leigh decided that the hairstyle she wanted immortalized in her school yearbook was the mini bun combined with tendrils. If you grew up in the '90s you know that tendrils were an absolute must for every woman at the time. While Leigh’s hairstyle may look silly now, back then it was cool.


Katie Cassidy is one of the core members of the cast of Arrow. Dinah Laurel Lance has been around from the very first episode, until her death in season four. Over the course of those four seasons, Laurel Lance was one of the worst treated characters in the entire Arrowverse. The writers failed to give Laurel a satisfactory character arc in every possible aspect, so while tragic, her death was a blessing in disguise. But, Laurel’s death didn’t mean Katie Cassidy was done with Arrow. In season six, Katie Cassidy became a series regular once again as the Earth-Two Laurel Lance, aka Black Siren.

Throw on a goth-vampire-inspired outfit, put on some black lipstick, and change the hairstyle a bit and you’ve got Black Siren. In a recent episode, Cassidy even threw on a wig for an undercover operation, which looked rather funny but not nearly as funny as the hairstyle Katie Cassidy has on her yearbook photo. As you will probably remember, if you’re old enough, back in the late '90s and early '00s, we used to part our hair in a zigzag pattern. Young Katie Cassidy decided to go with that very look for her yearbook photo and the result is hilariously adorable.


Darren Criss gained worldwide acclaim with his portrayal of Blaine Anderson on Fox’s musical comedy-drama series Glee. In 2018, Criss starred on the second season of FX’s true crime anthology series American Crime Story. The season revolved around the assassination of Gianni Versace with Criss playing the killer, Andrew Cunanan, for which he received wide critical acclaim. But before Criss took on the career-defining American Crime Story, he stopped by the Arrowverse to have some good old superhero fun. The Glee actor played the extra-dimensional being called Music Meister in a Flash/Supergirl crossover. In the mini Glee reunion, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist and Darren Criss were the main characters of the musical episode titled "Duet". It was a goofy episode, one many people probably hated, but as long as you weren't taking it too seriously, you could have lots of fun and laughs.

Speaking of fun and laughs, Darren Criss’ yearbook photo is as hilarious as you’d expect it to be. Young Darren Criss looks absolutely dashing with his gorgeous curly hair, awkward smile and a stylish tuxedo. Even though, we find his adorable awkwardness very entertaining, what’s even more amusing is the quote. This guy actually quoted Chewbacca in his high school yearbook! Bet you regret your quote now.


Brandon Routh joined the Arrowverse in season three of Arrow. Routh was first cast as Ted Kord, aka Blue Beetle, but his role was changed when Warner Bros. decided that they want to make a movie about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. And just like that Brandon Routh went from playing Ted Kord to playing Ray Palmer. Dr. Palmer stirred up trouble in the first half of the season by taking over Oliver Queen’s company, changing the name of Starling City to Star City, and romancing Felicity Smoak. Ray Palmer's role on the show kind of derailed towards the end of season and Ray soon found himself boarding the Waverider with the Legends.

Currently, Brandon Routh is busy fixing time aberrations on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. His fellow legend Mick Rory uses an endearing nickname for Roy, which has kind of stuck with the fans too: Haircut. Mick loves poking fun at Roy and with the teenage-boy haircut Roy is practically asking Mick to make fun of him. Well, we wonder what Mick would have to say about this incredibly '90s haircut that Brandon Routh sported in high school. The short-bangs "Cesar" seems like a suitable nickname.


Katie McGrath originally wanted to work in fashion journalism and took a job at Image magazine. Later, while working as a wardrobe assistant on the set of The Tudors, McGrath was advised to try acting, so she sent some photos to Irish agents. She compared wanting to become an actress to a kid wanting to join the circus -- a dream that she never thought would be reality. And yet here she is, starring on one of the best superhero television series at the moment. Katie McGrath joined Supergirl in the first episode of season two. Since then, her character, Lena Luthor, has developed close friendships with both Kara and Supergirl. Yet, somehow, she still doesn’t realize they’re the same person. What’s up with that anyway?

But we digress. Katie McGrath doesn’t use social media and pictures of her from before she was famous are rather scarce. But we scoured the Internet to find one of her yearbook pictures to bring to all of you. So, if you ever wondered what she looked like before she became famous, well now you know. Other than looking more mature now that she’s out of puberty, Katie McGrath hasn’t changed all that much.


Colton Haynes is coming back to Arrow as a series regular in the upcoming seventh season. Colton Haynes joined the show in the season one episode "Dodger" as Roy Harper, a street-savvy young man from the Glades who steals Thea Queen’s bag. Eventually, Roy became the vigilante known as Arsenal and started dating Thea. In season three, Roy admitted to being the Arrow, which prompted Oliver and the team to devise a plan to fake Roy’s death so he could reinvent himself somewhere else. Colton Haynes made a few guest appearances after his exit in season three but come next season he will once again be a series regular.

It’s no secret that Arrow hasn’t been in the good grace of the fans for a while now. Season seven is Arrow’s last chance at redemption and the direction the writers are taking the series in is back to basics, which is probably why they need Arsenal. Not to mention that Arsenal was one of the fan favorite characters in the entire Arrowverse and as such could draw in fans who had given up on the show. Let’s just hope that when he comes back, Roy doesn’t look like he did in this hilarious yearbook photo. That haircut doesn’t exactly scream vigilante.


Everyone’s afraid of certain weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, tsunamis, hurricanes, and so on. However, for Tom Felton the most feared weather phenomenon has to be lightning. In the Harry Potter movies, Tom Felton played Draco Malfoy, a sort of nemesis to Harry Potter, who as we know has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. On the third season of The Flash, Felton portrayed Julian Albert who starts out as a meta-human-hating co-worker of the Scarlet Speedsters, who was struck by lightning. Overall, the guy just hasn’t had the best experience with anything that involves lightning.

Besides, he must be pretty bummed because he never gets to be the chosen one. Lightning keeps missing him for some reason. But while he may not be the boy who lived or the fastest man alive, Tom Felton does have a special ability of his own. According to his school yearbook, Tom Felton is the one most likely to have a million pounds and lose it. Given that he’s now worth around $35 million dollars, we’d say he’s gotten his money-losing abilities under control. Aside from accumulating an insane amount of money, Tom Felton also got a new hairstyle -– one that suits him much better.


Teri Hatcher is probably best known for her portrayal of Susan Mayer on ABC’s drama series Desperate Housewives. However, Hatcher is also quite famous for her different roles in shows based on DC Comics, including in her breakthrough role in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Back in the '90s, Hatcher portrayed Lois Lane on the TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Over a decade later, she had a cameo on Smallville, appearing in one episode as Ella Lane, mother of Lois Lane. Most recently, however, the Desperate Housewives star appeared on Supergirl as Rhea, the Queen of Daxim and mother of Mon-El.

While her previous two roles have been good, Hatcher’s latest foray into the world of DC Comics was far more sinister. Rhea turned out to be the big bad of season two, creating mayhem all over National City and forcing Kara to release led into the atmosphere making it toxic to Daxamites. Though we were fascinated by the Daxamite fashion trends Rhea introduced us to, we’re even more fascinated by Teri Hatcher’s amazing hair on this old photo. Going by the actress’s age and the hairstyle, we'd say this photo was taken somewhere around the late '70s or early '80s.


When The CW started entertaining the idea of a show based on the Green Arrow comics, it was imagined as a Smallville spin-off series, possibly with Justin Hartley, who played Green Arrow on Smallville, in the titular role. However, the concept evolved into a brand new series, independent of Smallville, so it seemed only natural to cast a new actor in the role of Oliver Queen. The honor went to Stephen Amell who has been playing the character for six years now. Physically, Stephen Amell fits the role to a T -- despite some criticism over the lack of Oliver Queen’s trademark goatee. But hey, at least he’s sporting a stubble beard.

Stephen Amell’s beard became his trademark and seeing him without it is kind of weird. But, he rarely ever does go clean-shaven ever since he started being the Green Arrow. However, there are older photos of Stephen Amell sans beard, such as his hilarious yearbook photo you see above. Amell wrote on Twitter that around 1994 he and his friends went through a long-hair phase which accidentally coincided with his braces phase, making this photo all the more precious. But the best thing about Amell's '90s look has to be the peculiar hair accessory.

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