Year of the Villain One-Shot Has Lex Luthor Face His Multiverse Counterparts

DC's Year of the Villain has created a shocking new status quo for Lex Luthor, and an upcoming one-shot will explore the iconic antagonist's revised role in the DC Multiverse.

Ahead of the release of DC Comics' September 2019 solicitation information, the publisher has announced a Lex Luthor-focused Year of the Villain special by Jason Latour, Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie. The one-shot has Lex Luthor travel the DC Multiverse to confer with all his counterparts from alternate Earths, hinting at an epic conflict between the different incarnations of the longtime villain. The advance solicitation information and cover, illustrated by Francis Manapul, are below:

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  • written by JASON LATOUR
  • Apex Lex has made his offer to the villains of the DC Universe…but has the super-powered evil genius gotten what he truly desires? The most deadly predator in the Multiverse has set out to answer that question by seeking out his counterparts on other Earths. But will this meeting of the Luthors be the greatest team-up in all of creation…or end in a bloodbath?
  • ONE-SHOT | ON SALE 09.18.19

A short story by Scott Snyder and Manapul in last month's DC's Year of the Villain special had Luthor killed in a blast at LexCorp Tower only to be reborn as a genetically enhanced version of himself dubbed Apex Lex. With the Legion of Doom preparing for its inevitable rematch against the Justice League, the upcoming one-shot will see Luthor continue to plot his next big scheme, either supported or opposed by his doppelgängers across the DC Multiverse.

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Lex Luthor: Year of the Villain #1 is written by Jason Latour and illustrated by Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie. It is scheduled to go on sale on September 18 from DC Comics.

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