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Yeah, I Don’t Get It Either…

by  in Comic News Comment
Yeah, I Don’t Get It Either…

Graeme had a great bit over at Blog@Newsarama about Dan Slott pointing out that Avengers: Initiative #7 was hyped by both Marvel and Slott as an important One More Day-related piece.

Slott says:

The way I was telling people about it is this: One More day is going to shake up Spider-Man’s world. There’s no way around it. What happens in One More Day is jaw-dropping. It’s huge. When it’s over, you’re going to want to have your copy of Avengers: The Initiative #7 tucked away that you can come back to. You’re just gonna want it – when you start arguing with people on the internet, you’re going to want your copy just so you can say, “Aha – but in Avengers: The Initiative #7….!” Study it, memorize it. You’re going to want it in your arsenal when you start arguing with everybody. Truuuuuust me.

So, like Graeme – I don’t get it.

My best guess is that the way Slott gave a possible explanation in A: I #7 for how Peter might NOT be Spider-Man (by pointing out that Spider-Man’s stealth suit can make the user look like different people) is going to be how they WILL be writing off Spider-Man’s reveal (“Oh yeah, Spider-Man was somebody, but he used the stealth suit, so whoever it was, that wasn’t the real Spidey”). If that is it, though, that isn’t much…

Anyone else have any guesses?

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