Yang, Grampá discuss <i>Strange Tales II</i>

With the announcement in San Diego that Strange Tales II is definitely on the way from Marvel, some of the creators are starting to talk about their contributions. Over on his blog, Eisner winner Gene Luen Yang says he'll be working on a Frog Man story.

"When I was in fifth grade, my friend Jeremy figured out that we could get our parents to drop us off at the library, sneak out of the library, walk about 20 minutes to a comic book store, buy comics, sneak back into the library, and then check out big books to hide our comics in so we could bring them home," Yang wrote. "On my first such outing, I bought Marvel Team-Up #131, featuring Spider-man and the Fabulous Frog-man. It was Frog-man's second adventure ever. Jeremy and I actually got into a fight over that book. I found the only copy in the store, but he really wanted it because he had Marvel Team-Up #121, which had Frog-man's first adventure ever. Luckily, our friendship survived."

And Rafael Grampá, who is providing the cover, says he'll be doing a Wolverine story.

"Marvel invited me to create the main story of the second volume of this amazing project in Nov 2009," he wrote on his blog. "Jody Leheup, Strange Tales editor, said that I could choose any Marvel character to make the story. I thought a lot and I choose Wolverine. But, wait, don’t judge my decision before read the story. I promise for all the fans that my vision of Wolverine is totally different! My story is about the Wolverine that I would like to read. Wolverine was my favorite super hero when a was a kid, so it was my chance to put my hands on him and make something different. I also wrote the script and it was really important to me, because I really want to show my writer skills a little more before release my new series with Dark Horse Comics, FURRY WATER and The Sons of The Insurrection."

He adds that he'll have some news on Furry Water, whcih was announced at last year's Comic-Con, soon.

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