Yahoo! Sports webcomic, "Garbage Time All-Stars" returns

Official Press Release

Josh Frankel and Mark Haven Britt's hilarious weekly full color comic strip, GARBAGE TIME ALL-STARS is back for another NBA season on YAHOO! Sports. It rejoins the YAHOO! Sports' official NBA basketball blog, Ball Don't Lie, enjoyed by 2 million people every week.

GARBAGE TIME ALL-STARS is a quirky and irreverent take on current events in NBA and fantasy basketball. Each week features a unique view on everything from Yao's fantasy numbers to Stephon Marbury's benching to Lebron's ego. Nothing is out of bounds.

"Josh and I love the NBA and thought it'd be fun to crack some jokes about what goes on week in and week out. When we started doing the strip on our own little blog, we had no idea how quickly people could find it." says series artist Britt. "After YAHOO! hired us last year and we found out how many people were seeing the strip we were absolutely stunned. We're having a blast and we're psyched so many people are digging what we do."

Josh Frankel has been a a stand-out on the independent comics scene in recent years. Frankel is known for his wordless natural history comics. One of which, TRILOBITE, was listed in Houghton-Mifflin's Best American Comics 2007. Mark Haven Britt is a Xeric Award-winning cartoonist whose debut graphic novel, FULL COLOR was published by Image Comics. His follow up comic MONUMENT will hit stores this summer.

GARBAGE TIME ALL-STARS is updated weekly at http://sports.yahoo.com/nba and http://www.garbagetimeallstars.com

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