Y: The Last Man Adaptation Star Shares First Photo from the Show


To coincide with the announcement that FX's television adaptation of Y: The Last Man  -- simply titled Y -- has officially been ordered to series, actor Barry Keoghan has posted to Twitter the first official image from the upcoming show.

Keoghan will star in Y as protagonist Yorick Brown, the sole human survivor of a plague that kills every mammal with a Y chromosome (i.e. every male.)

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The photo shared by Keoghan features a hooded figure, who we can assume is Yorick, walking down a street littered with corpses. Additionally, he appears to be carrying a kennel, which presumably houses Ampersand, Yorick's Capuchin monkey companion and fellow plague survivor.

Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book series Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan, Y takes place in a "post-apocalyptic world in which a cataclysmic event has decimated every male mammal save for one lone human. The new world order of women will explore gender, race, class and survival."

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Y stars Diane Lane as Senator Jennifer Brown, Barry Keoghan as Yorick Brown, Imogen Poots as Hero Brown, Lashana Lynch as Agent 355, Juliana Canfield as Beth, Marin Ireland as Nora, Amber Tamblyn as Mariette Callows and Timothy Hutton as the U.S. President. The series is expected to premiere on FX in 2020.

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