Y: The Last Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Gravel: March 16th Comic Reel


According to The Hollywood Reporter, writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia are working out the final details with New Line to write a new draft of the film based on the Brian K. Vaughn/Pia Guerra series. The article claims that this is a fresh start as previous attempts to make the film with director D.J. Caruso failed to materialize. Federman and Scaia are also working on a "Zorro Begins" type project at Sony. If memory serves, Caruso wanted to set up a trilogy while New Line wanted the whole thing condensed into a single film. Hopefully, the new writers will serve the material in the best light.

Release date: TBA


Thanks to Oleg Gaiko and the lads at Comic Book Movie, we have this new 3D poster image for the film:

Whoa, think I'm getting a little dizzy ... give me a moment ...

Release date: May 28th, 2012


Deadline reports that Tim Miller -- one the guys behind the American version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's" opening credit sequence -- will direct the Legendary Pictures project. It's based on the Avatar Press series written by Warren Ellis about a "soldier in the British S.A.S. who uses his skills in dark magic to moonlight and battle supernatural beings for clients in order to make some extra cash." Miller is also set to direct "Deadpool" and his Blur Studio is trying to turn Eric Powell's "The Goon" in an R-Rated animated film. I think Miller might like comics.

Release date: TBA


Rodrigo Santoro, the actor who played Xerxes in "300" tells Omelete (via their English language sister site Collider) about the upcoming prequel. While he notes that the script is in flux, he says the initial idea was to "show another point of view. While that battle from the first '300' is taking place, there were others going on ... Actually, it's all of this and then there is an intersection point with the first movie. It goes back and then goes beyond that." He also admits that he's still in negotiations to return to the role. "We are talking about it. Let's see what happens," says Santoro, "It's a long story, my friend. A long story." Here's video of the actor talking about it:

Release date: TBA


Here at CBR, we have the first trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Animated movie:

Y'know, I never read the Elite storyline back in the day ... maybe something to keep an eye out for when I get to WonderCon.

Release date: June 12th 2012


So have you seen that "Dark Shadows" preview? It's um ... yeah:

Well, that's one way to stir up interest.

Release date: May 11th, 2012


Nice to be back on the Reel for a couple of days. You'll also have me on Monday as Steve makes his way back home after WonderCon. I'll be headed down there myself in a little bit once the southbound Interstate 5 clears of morning traffic. I do like this show and it'll be fun to be immersed in comics for a weekend. My Twitter feed tends to get more active during conventions, so feel free to follow me. And if you're down at Wondercon and recognize me, feel free to say hello.

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