The 10 Strongest Alternate Universe Kids Of X-Men, Ranked

Is it really an X-Men book without involving an alternate timeline from the future? While it wasn’t especially common in the first few decades of the X-Men, after Days of Future Past and Age of Apocalypse, the X-Men were as known for dealing with villains and new members from other timelines as they were for fighting against human oppression over mutants.

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The fun part about visiting all these alternate universes is being able to see the potential children resulting from the different events of these worlds, some of which even stick around long enough to become members of the team in the “main” universe. Because we see these happen so frequently, here’s a look at ten of the strongest alternate universe children of the X-Men.


Raze Darkholme is from the "Battle of the Atom" timeline, same as his older brother Charles Xavier Junior. Well, older half-brother, as in this case Mystique somehow also had a child by Wolverine. Raze didn’t take too well to his mother, so he eventually wound up killing her and taking her place.

Later, Raze starts to work with his older half-brother as part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Nonetheless, he’s not exactly the most powerful kid from an alternate universe. He has his father’s claws and possibly the healing factor, while he can also shapeshift, but that doesn’t rank you terribly high amidst all the Summers and Greys.


Nocturne Exiles

Nocturne is the daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch from a timeline where Wolverine became the leader of the X-Men. Though she’s from an alternate timeline, Nocturne eventually joins up with the universe-traveling team the Exiles, meaning she’s been all across the Marvel multiverse.

While she can’t teleport, Nocturne instead possesses people’s bodies and can read minds, seemingly developing her own mutations rather than taking from her parents...y’know, aside from looking exactly like her father. However, she also developed the ability to use “hex bolts”, magical shots of concussive energy, drawing the energy from the same realm Nightcrawler uses to teleport.


Olivier LeBeau

Oliver Raven-LeBeau is one of Gambit and Rogue’s children from GeNext timeline. As expected, he has a mutation based on their powers and has taken after his mother by gaining the ability to absorb someone’s skills, powers, and memories through touch. Unlike his mother, however, he has complete control of his powers and can choose to use them of his own volition.

Oli is also able to retain some powers permanently, though he’s never sure how to control when this does or doesn't happen. As a result, he’s gained the ability to read minds as a telepath and can also fly, resulting in one of the more haphazard powersets on the team.


If Wolverine wasn’t powerful enough for you, his son from the Ultimate Universe decides to double down on all things Logan. Originally the adopted son of the Hudson family (one of Wolverine’s friends during the Iraq War), Jimmy learned his true origins after his father passed.

Like Wolverine, Jimmy has the healing factor and the bone claws, but he can mysteriously secrete a metallic substance to cover his hands and skeleton. Later, after being transported to Marvel Prime Earth, he gets bonded to an alien called a Poison, leading to Jimmy gaining super-strength, speed, and durability. Because what someone who could already recover from any injury, had enhanced senses and reflexes, and was essentially ageless needed...was more powers.


Ruby is the daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost. Naturally, this has to be an alternate universe because it’s one where Emma was willing to have children. Though Ruby doesn’t get the telepathic abilities of her mother (or her siblings from other timelines), she still winds up with some pretty great combination abilities of her own.

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Like her father, Ruby fires concussive beams from her eyes, though she has complete control over them. True to her name, she can also transform into an organic ruby form like her mother could become diamond at will. This form grants Ruby additional strength and invulnerability, but also makes her unable to age. Despite her appearances, she’s actually 80 years old.


Charles Xavier II

One of the primary villains from the “Battle of the Atom” story, Charles Xavier the Second is naturally the son of Xavier...and Mystique? Though it sounds like the continuation of their relationship from X-Men: First Class; in the comics, Mystique changed herself to resemble Charles’ long-time lover Moira and sired a child with him that way.

Like his father, this Xavier has incredible telepathic abilities. Frustrated with his world’s future, he creates his own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by mind-controlling a number of allies to work for him. Xavier can bend multiple people to his whim simultaneously, even under stressful situations, without issue.


Kymera X-Men

Kymera is a member of the X-Men from the same future as Xavier II, working alongside her allies to stop the latter from achieving his goal. Kymera is the daughter of Storm and possibly the Black Panther, given all the panther motifs surrounding her. She’s shown the ability to manipulate the weather, altering anything from calling down lightning to manipulating electromagnetic energy.

Kymera also has a connection to the Earth, which helps her see the entire world as energy and rapidly heal. Seen as goddess-like as her mother, Kymera seems to almost increase in power as more people believe in her abilities.


The most well-known of the X-Men’s Children of the Future, Nathaniel Summers is the son of Scott and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey. He’s spent decades in the future with time-displaced versions of his mother and father, training to fight against Apocalypse, meaning he’s got battle experience nearly everyone else on this list could only dream of.

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But not only that, when the techno-organic Legacy Virus isn’t ruining his body he’s actually one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. But even with the virus, he’s still powerful, as he gains super strength, regeneration, and endurance because of the cybernetics in his body.


The daughter of Scott and Jean, Rachel is from a timeline where mutants were hunted down viciously by humans, and where she was used as a “hound” for that task. Rachel takes after her mother more than her father, as she possesses a wide range of abilities as both a high-level telekinetic and telepath.

Using her telepathy, Rachel not only reads minds but has limited precognition, fight people using psionic blasts, and even possess people’s minds. As a telekinetic, she can alter matter on a molecular level, create weapons out of pure psychic energy, and lift several hundred tons of matter.


Nate Grey in X-Man

This is technically Cable, but totally not Cable. Nate Grey is from an alternate reality where Mr. Sinister used the genetic material of Scott Summers and Jean Grey to create the ultimate mutant. Without ever being infected by the Legacy Virus and having to use vast amounts of his TK power to hold it at bay, this version of Nate is one of the most powerful mutant beings ever created.

Nate's list of powers read like a kid’s version of the perfect superhero. He’s accomplished things like dissolving his body into every living being on Earth, and he’s also managed to use his telekinesis to control the weather—generating storm clouds, whirlwinds and vacuums...or even altering gravity itself.

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