10 X-Men Characters Perfect For The MCU

With San Diego Comic-Con now behind us and the announcement of the MCU's Phase 4 plans now public, we know what to expect for the next few years. However, this hasn't stopped Marvel fans from speculating regarding the potential role of Xavier's team of mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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With Kevin Feige's words from San Diego Comic-Con fresh in our minds, anything is still possible for the future of the X-Men as part of the MCU. While we aren't expecting to see them in Phase 4, anything is possible beyond that point. Here are ten X-Men characters that would be perfect of the MCU.

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10 Jubilee

The world is a vast and varied place. Despite the scope of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of the characters are tied together by a certain sameness. While characters such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and even Spider-Man have broken the established mold we've grown to know, there is still a great deal of uncharted territory.

While we've seen the wonders that can be achieved with the right relatable teenager in Tom Holland's Spider-Man, there is potential to capture this same essence through Jubilee while also representing a demographic that is currently underrepresented in the MCU.

9 Cyclops

Whether it be the Avengers or the Justice League, as long as a team of superheroes is being assembled, there will always be a character who takes the role of team leader. When it comes to the X-Men, there is no more iconic of a choice than the team's straight-laced archetypal hero, Cyclops.

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As a more "by the books" hero, Cyclops provides the team with a degree of order while also serving as a perfect foil for Wolverine,  allowing both characters to shine their brightest.

8 Iceman

Iceman feature

Iceman is a quintessential member of the X-Men. Similarly to Jubilee, Robert Louis Drake has the potential to bring a currently unrepresented demographic to the MCU. In addition to being a mainstay member of the team, Bobby Drake a.k.a.

Iceman notably came out of the closet in 2015's All-New X-Men #40. At the moment, of the twenty-three movies currently in Marvel's cinematic universe, none have featured a protagonist who identifies as LGBT. Iceman could provide representation where it is due in the MCU.

7 Magneto

In the wake of a post-Infinity War MCU, the void left in Thanos' absence is noticeable. The MCU had been leading up to the "Mad Titan" since his introduction in the post-credits scene of The Avengers, so its no surprise that things will be different without him.

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However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it has left an open slot for another major villain to take center stage and shine. As one of the strongest and most sympathetic villains that Marvel has ever created, Magneto is a perfect candidate to fill that position.

6 Storm

You can't have a conversation about the greatest female superheroes without talking about Storm. As the first major female superhero of African American descent, Storm is often lauded as one of the most important characters in Marvel comics.

A character as synonymous with the name "X-Men" as Cyclops or Wolverine, Storm has been an integral part of many Marvel storylines and, at one point, was even married to T'Challa, The Black Panther. It would feel like a disservice was being done to the entire X-Men brand if Storm wasn't included in the MCU.

5 Professor Xavier

Simply imagining the X-Men without Professor Xavier is a difficult task. No matter the creative force behind the X-Men comics, Professor X is always an integral aspect of the team. As the founder of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Professor X defined the X-Men on both a physical and metaphysical level.

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From a plot perspective, introducing the character of Professor Xavier will not only help to establish the X-Men but also give the team a sense of direction as these characters enter the already well-defined Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4 Rogue

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A mainstay member of the X-Men and a superhero icon to anyone who's seen the 1992 animated series, Rogue is a character who feels perfect for the MCU. With the power to weaken and temporarily gain the abilities from others through physical contact, Rogue is an excellent example of an X-Men who (unlike characters like Storm) can be viewed as perfectly validated when seeing their mutant status as a curse.

With the MCU's use of characters like "Thunderbolt" Ross, Rogue seems like the ideal candidate to be the character at the center of any mutant-based storylines.

3 Wolverine

If you were not expecting to see Wolverine on this list, then we honestly do not know what to tell you. No matter how much they've added to the MCU, there's always felt like there's something (or someone) missing. That one ingredient. That one piece of the puzzle stopping it from being whole.

As one of the most iconic characters that Marvel has ever produced, we can only assume that Wolverine will be one of the first X-Men we see in the MCU.

2 Cable

When Infinity War introduced the concept of time travel, Marvel Studios opened a Pandora's box of potential. Many franchises, even those with immense scope, are apprehensive about introducing time travel into their respective worlds. However, this plot element means the MCU is free to include characters like the son of Scott Summers, Cable.

While we would not advise including him within the X-Men's first appearance, Cable allows for stories to be told that truly show the scope and impact that the X-Men can have on the world.

1 Sabretooth

If there's anything that we've seen from characters like Thanos, Ego, and Killmonger, many of the most effectively written villains in the MCU have an established and rooted connection to important characters in the MCU.

These types of villains are often those who can bring some of the strongest characterizations out of their respective heroes while helping the universe feel intertwined. With this in mind, integrating Victor Creed into the MCU could help develop Wolverine's character.

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