The Mothervine: X-Men's Secondary Mutation Enhancement, Explained

Lensherr managed to obtain a copy of the drug and she then injected it into herself to keep it safe. What she didn't know, however, was that she was already pregnant with Jimmy at the time, so the perfect copy of Mothervine now existed within Jimmy's blood!

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While Jimmy was investigating Mothervine, so was Quicksilver, one of the few remaining mutants in the Ultimate Universe, who was also Jimmy's half-brother! You see, years earlier, Magda was sent to spy on Magneto and she ended up getting pregnant by Magneto and giving birth to two children, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Quicksilver wanted to use the copy of Mothervine that was present in Jimmy's blood to kick start the mutant race...

Jimmy managed to defeat Quicksilver and keep the secrets of Mothervine from spreading any further. Then, however, the great Incursion happened. The Ultimate Universe was destroyed and some of the surviving members of the Ultimate Universe ended up on the main Earth.

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In X-Men Blue #4 (by Cullen Bunn, Julian Lopez, José Marzan Jr. and Walden Wong), Jimmy was revealed to be one of the mutants who made it out of the Ultimate Universe alive. So was Quicksilver, who was now serving Miss Sinister, the evil clone of Mister Sinister! In X-Men Blue #5, she explained how she found some of the survivors of the Ultimate Universe and began experimenting on them...

It was while she was experimenting on them that she discovered the Mothervine drug that was in Jimmy's blood. She quickly began experimenting with the drug, altering it from its original purpose. She let Jimmy go, since she didn't need him anymore, and he joined the cast of X-Men Blue.

The effects of these experiments were first discovered in X-Men Blue #7 (by Cullen Bunn, Cory Smith and Matt Milla). Emma Frost had created New Tian, a new haven for mutants in a deal that she cut with Captain America when Cap was evil and in charge of Hydra and had taken over the world. In X-Men Blue #7 the team was sent in to help free some mutants who were imprisoned in Emma Frost's new mutant haven for speaking out against her.

They ran afoul of some mutants who were serving Emma Frost and among these mutants, including Toad and Wolfsbane, they now had new secondary mutations...

After the mutant team left New Tian, we discovered in X-Men Blue #9 that Miss Sinister and Bastion were working with Emma Frost to use New Tian as a sort of mass experiment to test the effects of Mothervine. Miss Sinister was now planning on taking the plans global...

In X-Men Blue #12 (by Cullen Bunn, Douglas Franchin and Scott Hanna), Jimmy and Angel investigated the place where the X-Men had found him back in X-Men Blue #4 and discovered a lab where mutants had been experimented on using Mothervine. It had mutated the Blob to the point where he had become a gooey blob and seemingly. died. Ultimate Quicksilver actually did die from Mothervine experimenting...

That's the last piece of information that we have seen regarding Mothervine, but from Bunn's interview with CBR, it seems like Miss Sinister's plans to take it global will soon be making a rather large splash in the Marvel Legacy era of the X-Men universe.

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