X-Men: The 5 Best Alternate Timelines (& The 5 Worst)

Because Marvel Comics has presented different variations of the mutant superhero team, the X-Men, now it's time to check out which are the 5 best alternate timelines and the 5 worst timelines. In these multiple timelines, the X-Men have struggled to hold together as a unified team especially after witnessing the death of Professor Charles Xavier.

Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, members of the X-Men happen to be hated by the rest of society because they are mutants. Born with superhuman abilities, mutants are feared and hated for who they are. Realizing both sides can somehow co-exist, Charles Xavier built the School for Gifted Youngsters because he believed there can be peace between humans and mutants. The road to understanding may be a long one, but Xavier believes the X-Men will find a way to make it happen.

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Though the leaders of the X-Men have switched between Magneto and Xavier, some members have lived and died, the end result is always the same. Hope will prevail as someone will indeed pick up Xavier's dream of a peaceful future and continue fighting for what's right. Without further ado, here are the five best alternate X-Men timelines as well as the five worst.

10 Days of Future Past (Best)

x-men days of future past

In Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin's epic masterpiece, "Days of Future Past," the mutant-hunting Sentinels have conquered America and turned the landscape into a desolate wasteland. While mutants have become incarcerated in concentration camps, humans live in fear as well from the unstoppable Sentinels.

While there are still a few remaining, the X-Men spend their last resources to send Kitty Pryde back to the past. Although Wolverine and Colossus will die, they know Kitty will find a way to prevent a fatal incident in the past and change their future.

9 Old Man Logan (Worst)

Never X Old Man Logan

In writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven 's Old Man Logan, the X-Men have been slaughtered by their most trusted member, Wolverine. In this dystopian future, the Red Skull has rounded up every super-villain to join his league, promising them their own property of America upon victory.

Mysterio used his illusionary tricks in order to hypnotize Wolverine into thinking Xavier's school was being attacked. Wolverine thought he was saving the students, but he was actually killing every member of the X-Men. After Wolverine drove his claws into Jubilee, he realized the X-Men were no more.

8 Age of Apocalypse (Best)

In the "Age of Apocalypse," Magneto helplessly witnessed the death of his best friend, Professor Charles Xavier. Though Xavier was no longer around to guide him, Magneto thought it should be him instead to form the X-Men. While Magneto was recruiting members to form the mutant superhero team, Apocalypse sensed something was amiss with the timeline and woke up earlier than expected.

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Even though the nuclear warheads were falling, Magneto and the X-Men risked their lives fighting Apocalypse to send the time-traveler Bishop back to the past and save Xavier.

7 Bishop (Worst)

The X-Men are no longer around during Bishop's alternate timeline. Raised in a mutant concentration camp. Bishop was branded with an M signature over his right eye. Because he idolized the history of the X-Men, Bishop stumbled onto Xavier's War Room. Bishop discovered the horrible truth as he watched a damaged recording left behind by Jean Grey.

Just before her death, Jean reveals there was a traitor hiding among the X-Men. Just before she could name the real X-traitor, her whereabouts were suddenly discovered and she was blasted to ashes.

6 1602 (Best)


Writer Neil Gaiman and artist Andy Kubert reimagined the Marvel Universe if the superheroes and super-villains existed in the Elizabethan era. Dr. Stephen Strange, the court magician of Queen Elizabeth I, gathers together the X-Men, along with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, to prevent the destruction of their world.

Mutants are considered to be Witchbreed, people born with magical powers. Magneto is known as Enrique The Inquisitor who hunts down his own kind. Sacrificing himself, Enrique helps Petros and Sister Wanda to escape on a boat heading to America.

5 Marvel Zombies (Worst)

marvel zombies

The X-Men have been turned into the undead in The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman and artist Sean Philips' Marvel Zombies. Just like every other superhero, including Spider-Man and Captain America, the X-Men have been infected with a virus that has turned them into zombies.

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Though the X-Men have a bit of their personality and intellect left, they are driven by their addiction for human flesh. To keep his Acolytes and Forge alive on Asteroid M, Magneto fights to the death, beheading an undead Hawkeye, before being eaten alive by the zombie horde.

4 Earth X (Worst)

In Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, and John Paul Leon's dystopian future of Earth X, every human being wakes up and suddenly finds themselves with superpowers. Now that superpowers have become common, mutants are no longer special in the world and the X-Men has disbanded. Professor Charles Xavier died from a psychic backlash during the mass mutations.

Because they are unhappily married, Logan and Jean Grey are heading straight towards divorce. With his healing factor no longer working, Logan has gained weight and become so unattractive, Jean's only choice is to leave him.

3 What If...Magneto Took Over The USA (Best)

In order to prove the world had become much harsher and crueler, Cable detonated the bomb that would kill Professor Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, and Cyclops. While Wolverine sought revenge after Cable, Magneto launched his own attack on Washington D.C. and removed the President from power.

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The government retaliated by planting a nuclear bomb inside an incoming Sentinel that would explode when Magneto struck back. After rescuing his former teammates and enemies from a Sentinel Camp, Wolverine would restart the X-Men because he still believed in Xavier's dream for peace.

2 Ultimatum (Worst)

It's the end of the world as Magneto grabs hold of Thor's hammer and reverses Earth's polarity, causing lightning storms and tsunamis. After Professor Charles Xavier warns his best friend that his despicable actions are turning him into another terrorist, Magneto strikes him dead.

Magneto continues his killing spree and rips Wolverine's adamantium skeleton from his body. In revenge for the fallen, Cyclops disintegrates Magneto's entire head with his optic beams. Cyclops is then shot in the head as he pleads for peace between humans and mutants.

1 What If...Magneto and Xavier Formed The X-Men Together? (Best)

Gabrielle Haller warned Magneto that he would be worse than the Nazis if he actually killed Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Letting go of his hate and anger, Magneto decided to join Xavier in creating a school to help mutants learn how to use their powers.

After marrying the love of his life, Magneto ended up writing a book entitled, Understanding Magnetism. Working together, the best friends believed they were on their way to shaping the golden age of humanity. When Larry Trask developed the Sentinels, Xavier realized that he needed to create a team of mutant heroes.

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