"XIII Vol.1: The Day of the Black Sun" Scores With American Readers

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The popular XIII series from Belgium has now been translated from French and American audiences are loving it, calling it the Bourne Identity of comics!

Written by Jean Van Hamme, adapted by Ben Avery and with pencils by William Vance, XIII is a best-selling series in Europe and quickly on its way to becoming one in America. Plus, the story is already the basis of the gamer-favorite Ubisoft video game starring David Duchovny as Agent XIII.

Reviewer Jeff Hunter of School Library Journal said, "This collection's intricate, twisting plot will appeal to fans of espionage fiction and adventure thrillers… and the action and suspense are first-rate."

Hunter also added, "Realistic art, great coloring, and high-quality production are evident…Readers will eagerly anticipate further installments. Recommended."

The story of XIII begins when an amnesiac man makes up on a beach only to be attacked by two would-be killers, who he surprisingly dispatches with ease. Along the way to discovering his past, XIII learns more and more about his mission and come to the startling realization that he even may be responsible for the assassination of the President of the United States!

XIII Vol.1: Th Day of the Black Sun TPB is in stores now so pick it up and see what Europe has already deemed a classic comic book series.



Adapted by BEN AVERY

Pencils and Cover by WILLIAM VANCE


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