Xeric Grant winner publishes 'Along The Canadian'

Official Press Release

1873: Outlaws tracked to hideout along the Canadian River.

Writer/Artist Joel Rivers, after receiving the prestigious Xeric Grant for comics self-publishing in Fall 2003, invites you to go out West via the subconscious.

Recasting the Western as Comic Book, Along the Canadian is a tale of bad men, vengeful ghosts and a scruffy Sheriff caught in the middle.

Part of a 6 issue mini-series, Issue #1 is a western-style ghost story combining researched historical facts with purely fictional characters. The protagonist, Sheriff "Red" Johnston, is a stubborn, honorable man who believes that the Law can enact justice in a land filled with violence and greed. His three deputies seem standard western posse-men, but have the long shadows and bloody footprints of the real men that "won" the West. The Natives, far from being easily bribed with glass beads, are survivors that have consciously avoided civilization.

Johnston's Nemesis, the horse thief "Neargasaw" Fred -- a white man adopted by the Creek Tribe-- is the only person who has the answers the Sheriff needs. Their verbal and physical duel, waged as men of opposite moralities, is not "good" verses "evil" but more like "respectable" verses "unsavory".

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