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Twentieth Century Fox's "X2: X-Men United" dominated the box officeagain, for the second week in a row, according to numbers published by BoxOffice Mojo

The Marvel mutants pulled in an estimated $41.4 million making it the #1movie for the second week in a row. The ten-day domestic total for the movie nowstands at a hefty $149 million.

"X2" did see a 52% drop in audience between the first and secondweeks of the movie. Although that number may seem alarming, analysis from BoxOffice Mojo helps put it in perspective. A 50% drop is actually the norm, withlong-legged movies like "Spider-Man" being the exception. The drop isstill less than what the original "X-Men" saw between the first andsecond week, when it fell 57%. Finally, the $41.4 million take is better thanthe opening weekend of "Daredevil," which had Fox laughing all the wayto the bank.

Varietyreports that the movie saw drops in the international markets ranging from 40%to 50%. It pulled in an estimated $32.1 million overseas bringing the totalthere to $122 million.


ToonZone.nethas the details on the upcoming release of the animated "IncredibleHulk" show on DVD. The disc, from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, is one offour Hulk DVDs hitting the shelves before the big movie comes out in June.

"The Incredible Hulk" animated show ran on Fox Kids during the mid1990s. Unlike the live-action TV show, this featured a raging, rampaging,jumping, smashing and talking Hulk that closely resembled the comic bookcharacter. Sadly it only lasted 21 episodes.

Lou Ferrigno read the "Hulk smash" dialogue while Neal McDonough("Boomtown") gave voice to Dr. Banner. Luke Perry("Jeremiah") was also on board as Rick Jones. Matt Frewer ("MaxHeadroom") was the villainous Leader.

ToonZone reveals that the new release will feature the first four episodes ofthe series. First up are "Return of the Beast, Part 1 & 2" whichhas Banner contending with the U.S. Army, the Leader, The Abomination and theGamma Mutant Warriors. 

The third episode on the disk is "Raw Power," in which Hulkencounters the electricity monster Zzzazk. Finally we have "Helping Hand,Iron Fist," which features Iron Man, War Machine and S.H.I.E.L.D.

The DVD is due out June 17th, 2003.

Other Hulk DVDs are coming out through various parties.

In stores now is "The Incredible Hulk Collection" from Anchor Bay.That one features two of the live-action Hulk movies which guest-star Daredeviland Thor.

Due in stores June 3rd, is "The Incredible Hulk Series Premiere,"from Universal home video. This one features the two-hour pilot movie from thelive-action TV series as well as a bonus episode. The disc is packed with extrasrelating to the new movie including a free pass.

"The Death of the Incredible Hulk" is also due in stores June 3rdfrom Fox Home Video. This one features the live-action, made-for-TV movie thatbrought the TV franchise to a close.



Although recent articles in the Hollywood trades have made it sound like adone deal, Jamie Kennedy recently told SCIFI Wire that he hasn't signed on to star in "Son of the Mask" yet.The actor, who stars in "JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment," thesketch/hidden-camera show that he created, said he's sill working out thedetails but he's very close to making it happen.

As with the first movie, the story will center on the mystical mask of Loki,which imbues its wearer with bizarre powers. In that one Jim Carrey's StanleyIpkiss wore the mask through most of the movie, although villain Peter Greenealso had a turn with it, as did Ipkiss' spunky dog Milo.

Kennedy told SCI FI that the new movie will try to strike out in a differentdirection than the original. "You can't follow in Jim's footsteps, so itwould be a [story] where the mask is a very powerful entity," he said."But it goes through different people, so it wouldn't just be me."

Last week Alan Cumming ("X2") came on board the movie to play Loki.



Tobey Maguire went through a rough period earlier this year, due to healthproblems and perilous Hollywood power plays. At the time, it was widely reportedthat Maguire was in danger of being replaced on the "Spider-Man"sequel. However, those reports were quickly quieted.

Now, TheL.A. Times reveals that Maguire actually was dismissed from the project andprovides a detailed account of how the actor nearly lost his star-making job,and how he won it back. Check it out and find out why Tobey admits he"learned a lesson" from the experience.

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