Marvel Comics' New Mutants have just completed their first mission since their reformation as a group. They managed to take down an Omega-Level mutant...and nearly killed themselves in the process. As there were no fatalities, Cyclops is willing to chalk this one up in the "win" column. Cannonball, however, views this end result much differently as leader of the New Mutants. Unfortunately, the word "victory" rings hollow in the young hero's ears.

Well, despite Sam's feelings about the team's performance, fans have felt the new series has been a resounding success! Readers wrote to me in droves this week singing praises of the book and its writer, Zeb Wells. In addition to the admiration, there were plenty of questions too - which is our specialty here at X-POSITION! We bundled your carefully crafted queries and got them to Wells. Ready for his responses? Of course you are...

Hunter Lambright starts us off. He's a family man with concerns - that is, concerns about the Guthrie family:

Will we be seeing any of Sam's family showing up in your title, particularly with his brother being a dead mutant and "Necrosha" around the corner? Will we get a resolution to the experiment Dark Beast performed on Lewis?

No plans at the moment, Hunter. Though I plan on addressing the experiments Dark Beast ran on Lewis just as soon as I figure out what you are talking about.

Kidding! It might be a while before I get to it, but I would like to touch on the extended Guthrie family (Lewis included) at some point.

Dustndreams has apparently been dreaming about that magical place known as Asgard. Will you make their dreams come true?

Zeb, I luved'ed that last "New Mutants." The art was fantastic and the character and flashback moments were nicely handled. There seems to be some type of Asgardian reckoning coming for the some X-kids (Rahne, Dani) though. Will your book delve into this history and/or present relationship, especially with Asgard, Loki, and Thor becoming more prominent in Marvel U?

Nick and I often talk (well, I talk, Nick more "coos" - it's actually quite disturbing) about doing a New Mutants Asgardian one-shot at some point, but we haven't nailed anything down. Regardless, we will be dealing with Dani's "deal with the devil" before the year is out.

As long as we're on the topic of Asgard, Toboe had a thought:

1) With Wolfsbane having her own Asgardian troubles and Doug Ramsey coming back from the grave in "X-Force," is there any chance Rahne will reunite with Dani and her former teammates in some way over all these events?

We're working on doing something along these lines, yes.

2) Last we saw Warlock, he was rather determined to make a change on his species' lifestyle. Did he come back to Earth for any specific reason other than being homesick?

Definitely. "Necrosha" and its follow-up issues will reveal more. But, for the record, robots get homesick too.

With regards to Warlock getting "homesick," Marcus Martin was curious - who holds the keys to the character's home?

Within the past week, both Joe Quesada and Tom Brevoort talked about the difficulties in "sharing" characters across the Marvel Universe. With the return of Warlock in the pages of New Mutants, were writers Abnett and Lanning (DnA) okay with Warlock returning home after the last time readers saw him?

I haven't been in contact with them, but I hope so! I was a big fan of what they did with the character in Nova.

EDITOR NICK LOWE: I was in contact with Dan and Andy through their editor Bill Rosemann from before he showed up in "Nova." They wanted to use him in "Nova," and we were glad to share. They're terrific writers (I've been a fan ever since way back in the day when they did "Resurrection Man"). Now it's just a matter of Warlock coming home.

Thanks for the chime-in, Nick! Ajandrew1212 is up next with a question about Elektra...hey! She's not a mutant! Well, we'll let it slide...

This isn't X-related, but I loved your "Dark Reign: Elektra" series. Will there be any chance that you'll be doing a regular Elektra series anytime soon?

Thanks, Ajandrew! I would absolutely love to write more Elektra, but my schedule is pretty full at the moment. A book like "New Mutants" takes a lot of work. Hopefully next year I'll be able to get ahead of things and take another swing at the character (editors willing, of course).

Steve McSheffrey has lots of nice things to say, so I'll just let him get on with the glorifying:

1) I wanted to congratulate Mr. Wells on writing this book as if the characters have all had full lives since their last on panel appearances before this series. I was wondering if this was the case though - if there is an entire timeline that only you know the details to. Is this true? I don't expect to see the details of this, but if I'm right, it explains part of why the book feels so rich...

Wow, Steve, thanks for the kind words! I've kept extensive notes on the research I've done (and with an X-book, there's a mammoth amount), but I'd have to say if there's a timeline, it's in my head. The histories of the characters branched off in so many directions (and in so many different books) over the last twenty years, that I'm still doing research to this day.

2) Will we be meeting Shan's girlfriend or seeing her little siblings again?

No plans at the moment, Steve. I'm going to be keeping everyone on the ropes for the next year, at least. When things slow down (or maybe before - you never know), these are characters I'd like to check in on.

Chrissstopher also had a question about Shan, which kicks off a mini-Spanish inquisition of sorts. Ready for a query barrage?

1) Great job on "New Mutants"! It's easily one of my favorite books! Your work on Karma is especially appreciated since she has hardly ever gotten any panel time - I hope you continue to do great things with her. She seemed to be really important to the future...or so Illyana said when she returned from the future in "New Mutants" #1. How important is Karma in your future plans for the book?

Thanksss for reading, Chrissstopher. Like you picked up on, Illyana seems to think Shan is very important, and as you probably picked up on in issue #5, she isn't above nudging Karma in a darker direction. Her reasons for doing this will play a big role in the future.

2) Can you enlighten us a little more on Dani Moonstar's power-set? From issue #5, I got the impression that her power-up in "Exodus" was a temporary thing. Is that indeed the case? Was Dani only a Super-Valkyrie for a short while? Alternatively, Brightwind is still with Dani, which leads me to believe that she's still a Valkyrie after all. So, is it that she's just not a "Super" Valkyrie anymore?

Yeah, sorry if this wasn't clear. Dani received an Asgardian super-charge to take on Ares in the "Utopia" storyline. She's depowered again, but she still owes Hela her services as a Valkyrie sometime in the future. Brightwind remains as a reminder of their pact.

3) I'm loving that you've finally fixed Legion...well, until he goes crazy again. And his scene with Rogue and the X-club going through his personalities was fantastic! Will he be involved in more stories in "New Mutants" or other X-books down the line?

I'm glad you like the character, because he's definitely not done with the X-Universe.

4) As far as Illyana - great stuff! Please continue to build on the fact that she's not human, and that she's still a soulless entity and should continue to be awkward, aloof and distant. Are there plans for another confrontation between Pixie and her - a rematch is long overdue.

Will do, Chrissstopher. And you're right, Illyana vs. Pixie is inevitable.

5) Is romance brewing between Sunspot and Magma?

Wouldn't you like to know? Magma doesn't seem amused by Sunspot's antics, but that doesn't mean she doesn't like him deep down. At least, that's what I often told myself in high school to get through the day.

6) Is Cannonball becoming Cyclops 2.0? His "no one understands me because I'm the leader" commiseration with Cyclops at the end of issue #4, and his "I have a squad and you have to follow my orders" conversation with Dani in issue #5 seems to be indicating that he's now Cyclops-lite. Am I off-base?

Not at all, but I don't think that Cannonball is Cyclops-lite as much as he's another leader within the X-Men, and, as such, finds that he has a lot to talk about with Scott.

If that is indeed the case, Lee Johnson thinks Dani should be talking with Cyclops too. Does that sound right to you?

1) I'm loving the struggle for leadership between Dani and Sam! Will we see Dani eventually evolve to be co-leader...or THE team leader? I always thought she was qualified (considering her X-Men, X-teacher, SHIELD, and Asgardian background). Back in the old "New Mutants" days, Xavier did refer to her as the next Cyclops...

For the time being, Sam is going to be the leader of the team in the field. However, with the skill set you mentioned, Dani will never be shy about stepping up and taking responsibility for the team when needed.

2) Will we see other old New Mutant members like Rictor, Skids, Boom Boom, Rusty or even Cable make an appearance?

Keep your peepers peeled for Cable in the upcoming "Second Coming" crossover. I would not recommend keeping said peepers peeled for the others...though some of them have been showing up in the awesome "X-Force," if you need your fix.

That wraps up this week's X-POSITION, but to help you get that "X-Force" fix Zeb Wells mentioned, we'll have Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost joining us next week. With "Necrosha" approaching as well as the announcement of "Second Coming," I expect my email box to burst.

So do your homework and email me just as quickly as you can. Throw an "X-Position" in the subject line and send me a cute nickname amalgamation for Kyle-Yost, and I'll throw your queries to the head of the line. See you in seven!

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