The New Mutants are back...in more ways than one. They are back as a team, back as a popular ongoing series, and - in the case of one teammate - back from the dead! As a result of the events of Marvel's current "Necrosha" storyline, Doug Ramsey (a.k.a. Cypher) has re-joined the New Mutants. And wherever self/soulfriend Doug goes, so goes the alien Warlock. It seems the team is almost ready to break out singing, "We are family..."

Instead of some off-key singing, however, we're here with something much better - "New Mutants" writer Zeb Wells, who will be answering your emails for today's X-POSITION.

All of you wrote in with some intriguing questions about the New Mutants and upcoming X-events, so let's see how self/smartwriter Wells answers. Let's roll...

We begin today's email with some praise from Christopher Judd, because that's a great way to start off a Q&A. Don't worry though, he had queries aplenty too.

You've done outstanding work on "New Mutants!" In particular, I'm so pleased with your handling of Illyana. Being given clarity to her whereabouts, motives, and who she actually is in issue #9 was fantastic. I'm really looking forward to future developments. And speaking of the future...

1) Can we expect any of those futures to be visited by her and her teammates, still seeking out her bloodstones?

The New Mutants are going to get drawn into Illyana's world very quickly after "X-Men: Second Coming," so I'd give you a definite "yes" on this one.

2) And the soldiers from Limbo? Have they targeted the New Mutants specifically, or are they victims due to their association with Illyana?

They have a connection to all of the New Mutants, but they're targeting Illyana because she has a connection to the Bloodstones. At the end of their story, it will be very hard to see them as victims.

3) Once their purpose is defined in issue #10, can we fans finally rest assured that the "New Mutants" title is here to stay? And with that assurance, should we expect new uniforms, as teased in issue #6?

This is comics, Chris - we're here to stay as long as we have readers. And if new uniforms will keep you around, consider it done early in our second year.

4) Will the New Mutants be participating in "X-Men: Second Coming?" I recall being lead to believe Illyana specifically would be stepping up and making a prominent appearance among her fellow X-Men. Is this true? Can we expect the same of her teammates?

Oh, yes. The New Mutants will be front and center with the rest of the X-Men during "X-Men: Second Coming." It's going to be intense.

How intense? Will the team be getting a bit more firepower to help in this battle? Brian Davis has a few suggestions on teammates that might need to "level up."

1) Will there ever be a story arc or an issue where we see Danielle Moonstar with her powers back? I love how she has been handling herself, but it would be nice to see her powers (if even temporarily). Also, I don't see enough Brightwind. I think he's feeling neglected...

Keep your peepers peeled for "New Mutants" #11, written by the esteemable Kieron Gillen.

2) Will we see more of what Magik does when she goes to Limbo? Any chance of seeing her power levels manifesting or explained? In the original series, she only did simple spells (e.g. levitation, astral projection, illusion casting) while on earth. Is there any new development to this? And is her power level the same or has it increased?

Illyana has definitely become more in tune with her magical side, and the second year will largely be about exploring her world and what it means for the rest of the team. She's definitely learned some new tricks...

3) I assume that Legion and Warlock will become regular cast members (or supporting cast) because they aren't used anywhere else. Am I wrong in this assumption? If not, are any other notable cast shake-ups or additions coming our way?

You're right about one, half-right about the other. There will be shake-ups as a result of "X-Men: Second Coming."

Ahab has a suggestion that would shake things up greatly...although not in a way the New Mutants might appreciate.

Is there any chance of seeing more of the Hellions in the future? With limited space to tell the "Necrosha" story, I know there probably wasn't much opportunity to give a nod to past history, but it sure would be nice to find out more about past history and others' reactions to their return...

I hear that, Ahab. I definitely want to get the Hellions back in the book ASAP.

And speaking of resurrected mutants, there was a character that Irma Cuckoo wanted to see in "Necrosha" who failed to make an appearance. Can you help her with an explanation?

Did you plan to use Cannonball's deceased brother Jay (a.k.a. Icarus) in your "Necrosha" arc? He seemed like a perfect character to torment Sam with...

I would have loved to, Irma, but it came down to a matter of space. As Ahab pointed out above, I barely had room to give the Hellions ample spotlight. I agree that was a missed opportunity, though...
Patricio Oliver thinks there is another opportunity you should be taking advantage of with a former New Mutant whose name is so nice, you have to say it twice...

1) Shouldn't Boom Boom be furious that Sam and Berto left her out of the team? Especially after none of them showed up when she was kidnapped in "X-Force?" Let's not forget, she used to date them...

I don't think Sam and Berto left her out of the team on purpose. She just wasn't available when the team came together. I think Boom Boom is jumping to conclusions here...classic Boom Boom.

2) Does the New Mutants team know that Rusty was among the technozombies?

They'll definitely be made aware of it after the fact.

3) Where is Warlock's son?

He's back in space doing his space "stuff" while Dad visits earth.

4) Would it be too much to ask to give Shan a girlfriend? Aren't there any other lesbian girls besides Bling and her on the island? Please?

Yes, it would be too much to ask. I like my characters to experience the same soul-crushing dry spells I went through in my 20's. Seriously, though, as soon as I can fit it in, I will.

Sorry to hear about those dry spells. I wonder what that's like? As a comic book fan, I've never suffered such a dilemma. Hm, maybe we need to start up a dating thread on CBR's X-forums?

Before we get to that, however, it's time for some "Behind the X" fun where our readers get to know some of the secrets that make the X-writers tick. Zeb, here's my question for you: many of us have met celebrities at one time or another during our lives. If you could, tell us about a "star" you were a huge fan of that you actually got to meet and what occurred at the meeting...

I met Ken Foree, star of "Dawn of the Dead" (the real one) at Wizard World once. He signed a picture "Die hard, baby." I'm afraid it doesn't get better than that.

And that wraps-up today's fireside X-chat, but we'll be back in seven days with the writer of "Wolverine: Weapon X," Jason Aaron! Read up on all craziness in this ongoing series (laser claws!), and send me an email with some well-worded inquiries ASAP. An "X-Position" in the subject line is appreciated and magically brighten my day...and we all want that, right? See you next week!

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