Anyone up for a ride on the highway to Hell? Well, as that’s not possible, how about a trip down the carpool lane to Limbo in December, courtesy of the Marvel Comics miniseries, “X-Men: X-Infernus” by writer C.B. Cebulski, penciler Giuseppi Camuncoli and cover artist David Finch. The title marks a return to the world of Magik — also known as Darkchylde or Illyana, sister of X-Man Colossus — and serves as a sequel to the classic “Inferno” storyline from 1989. “X-Infernus” promises to be a blast from the X-Men’s past that will definitely have repercussions in the present.

C.B. Cebulski, who spoke with CBR about “X-Infernus” back in July, has also penned such titles as “X-Men: Return of Magik” and the fan-favorite “The Loners,” and has contributed to “X-Men: Manifest Destiny.” Cebulski’s worked previously as an editor and talent manager for Marvel, but the scribe is now facing one of his most difficult assignments ever: answering your questions here at X-POSITION! Let’s take it easy on him, but considering the topic, we have a feeling that things are going to heat up quickly.

Let’s begin with an assortment of queries from Faded Day, who was curious about individuals that fans might see in “X-Men: X-Infernus.”

1) Will "X-Infernus" mark the return of other characters besides Magik?

Yes, Magik will not be the only character returning in “X-Infernus.” I won't reveal if that means returning from the dead or from other certain places unknown in the Marvel universe, but some faces not seen in a long time will be popping up come December.

2) Your Karma story in "X-Men: Manifest Destiny" re-teams you with awesome artist David Yardin, who you previously worked with during "X-Men: Divided We Stand.” Will Mr. Yardin continue to beautify our gene-freaks in the future?

That's really up to Marvel Editorial, Faded. My two collaborations with David have both been wonderful experiences and I would love to work with him again on something! I have a few new projects I'll be pitching soon and will definitely recommend David as the artist I want to bring my future scripts to life.

3) Despite the distance between Detroit and San Francisco, will X-Factor somehow be involved in the "X-Infernus" crossover?

Unfortunately not. Peter David has big plans for X-Factor, and Madrox and Co. will be too busy up in the Motor City to travel down to San Fran — or to Limbo for that matter — to help out during “X-Infernus.”

AllThatsGeek also had a character request they wanted to see -- as more than just body art!

Just a quick question regarding “The Return of Magik” — I am a huge Colossus fan (to the point of having him tattooed on my leg). How involved is Pete going to be with this arc? I have to believe he will show up somewhere, but will it be a "Oh yeah, here's the brother" cameo, or something a little more front and center (something nobody seems to really do with him anymore)?

First off, please send us a pic of that tattoo, geek! And yes, you'll be happy to hear that Colossus is one of the driving forces behind “X-Infernus,” and Piotr will be front and center in all four issues.

Please send any and all pics of X-themed tattoos our way for the upcoming X-POSITION X-TREME X-TATTOOS SPECTACULAR.

Kroller is up next, and he wants details about the new miniseries. As he’s acting downright neighborly, do you have a cup or two of spoilers to spare?

1) I’ve heard that the New X-Men show up in “Infernus.” Will any of them play major roles? It seems that Pixie should figure largely into the mix as Illyana made a dagger out of part of her soul.

Yes, Pixie is indeed one of the major players in “X-Infernus,” as you guess, and Mercury also has a large part to play as well. A few of the other X-kids will be showing up too.

2) It also seems the New Mutants should be making an appearance in this book, as they were Illyana’s best friends. Will they figure into the mix?

I don't want to give too much away, but a few of them will, yes.

3) I know Kitty is “off in space,” but is there any chance her presence will be felt in the story, as she knew Illyana best and was closest with her?

You'll just have to wait and see on that front, Kroller.

4) I read all of the “New X-Men” stories and enjoyed them, but the one that involved Magik left me a bit confused (I’m sorry to say). It almost seemed to say that the Illyana/Magik we saw wasn’t the one we knew (or something like that). Plus, she needs to make soulstones to escape limbo? Could you give us a Cliff Notes explanation?

My fingers need their strength for typing scripts, so try this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illyana_Rasputin

It seems that Nancy Boy believes in Occam’s Razor, and wants to see if C.B. is a believer as well. What say you, C.B.?

Why the convoluted return for Magik? Limbo had at least two variants of each X-Man and up till “Inferno” only one Illyana. Why not just say the 'real' Magik had been in Limbo all this time and leave it at that?

All will be revealed in time, Nancy Boy.

Ha! See what Occam has to say about that!

And now it’s time to join our friend Derek, as he reminisces of days gone by….

I really enjoyed the original “Inferno,” but at the same time I was very disappointed that a terrific character like Madelyne Pryor was written off. Is there any chance she might return?

Possibly, but not in “X-Infernus.”

Hm. That sounds like a “maybe.” Let’s let Caleb Warren try another approach on that particular query.

1) You've said that in “X-Infernus” Illyana will be taking on kind of a “Madelyne Pryor” role. In that case, will anyone be taking on the role Jean played in “Inferno”?

Again, yes, but I can't answer as to who just yet for fear of spoiling the story.

2) Who's your favorite X-character?

People always break my balls about it, but Dani Moonstar is my favorite X-character (cue Fraction and Brubaker laughter).

3) Please do more with the Loners.

Working on it, Caleb!

Philip A. Moore closes out our little X-party today with the following set of questions:

1) Is “X-Infernus” going to be a self-contained story like “Onslaught Reborn” or will other X-books tie for an issue or two, like “House of M”?

“X-Infernus” will be self-contained, and released as a four issue mini-series starting in December. Ramifications will be felt in the other X-books as we go though.

2) Do you have any other X-Men miniseries in the works? I noticed you wrote the Karma story in “X-Men: Manifest Destiny” — is there any chance this story will be leading into a larger storyline in the X-books?

No plans at the moment, Philip. I have a Mercury story in an upcoming issue of “Manifest Destiny” and am wrapping up “X-Infernus” now. After that, I have a few ideas I'll be pitching. I would love to get to write some of the New X-Men or New Mutant characters in the near future though!

Wow! Two X-POSITIONS in one week, and it’s not even your birthday (is it?). What can we say — we love our readers! And don’t forget, we’ll be right back here early next week with “X-Force” writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. Oh, and if you ask really nicely, Yost may even answer a question or two about “X-Men: Kingbreaker.”

So what are you waiting for? Send us those questions ASAP. Throw “X-Position” in the subject line and we won’t think you’re an ad for Cialis, okay? See you soon!

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