X-POSITION: X-Men Blue's Cullen Bunn Teases Magneto's Machinations

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The most recent volume of "Uncanny X-Men" has come to a close, paving the way for a brand new era of X-Men comics. Beginning with next week's release of "X-Men Prime" #1, the ResurrXion revamp will sweep through Marvel's line of X-books, launching new ongoing series with new creative teams. Two major players in "Uncanny X-Men" (series writer Cullen Bunn and protagonist Magneto) will move over to the new "X-Men Blue" series. That book, which launches in April, will pair the Master of Magnetism with the time-displaced teenage X-Men -- and the motivation behind this pairing will provide plenty of mystery for the series.

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This week in X-POSITION, "Uncanny X-Men" and "X-Men Blue" writer Cullen Bunn returns and answers all of your questions about Psylocke, Monet, Magneto and more.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, Cullen! Let's start with a few questions about the end of "Uncanny X-Men," beginning with one from Kevin.

Despite putting a fight, I got the feeling that Magneto had somewhat of a death wish during his fight with Psylocke. It felt like he was okay and at peace with his life coming to an end there. Will this fight with Betsy affect him during your run on "X-Men Blue"?

Hey, Kevin. I think Magneto having a death wish is pretty close to the truth. Did it feel to you like he might have been holding back a little? Like he might have been planning to die? Elixir was right there, ready to bring him back, wasn't he? The fight will continue to have long-lasting ramifications for Magneto, both internally and externally.

First and foremost, Psylocke went and blabbed to everyone that she killed Magneto. Now everybody thinks he's dead.

Piggybacking off that answer, Endsong has a Q about Magneto's new status quo.

Are the Original X-Men, Elixir, and Exodus the only people that know that Magneto is alive going forward?

Ohhhh, good question, Endsong. I was about to answer with a resounding “yes” but that wouldn’t be exactly right. In addition to the characters you mentioned, there are four other people who know Magneto is alive.

X-Men Blue #2
EXCLUSIVE: "X-Men Blue" #2 interior art by Jorge Molina

Circling back to Psylocke and Magneto's fight, Knives wants to know more about Betsy's motivation.

Why did you decide to end "Uncanny" with a conflict between Psylocke and Magneto? I know they have their differences, but Psylocke knew from the beginning what kind of person Magneto was.

Hey, Knives. Psylocke did know what kind of person Magneto was, but she warned him time and time again that if he cut out of line she would take him down with extreme prejudice. My decision to end the series with that moment boils down to me feeling that this put a nice bow on the series and tied everything together. From the beginning, it was about Magneto and Psylocke.

Captain Nash has a question about another one of "Uncanny's" major characters, Monet.

I think my favorite part of "Uncanny X-Men" was the development of Monet. Will there be an opportunity to see further developments into her character in the future?

Thanks, Captain Nash! I was pretty happy with Monet’s development. To answer your question, I do know that there are plans for Monet, but they may not unfold in the pages of "X-Men Blue."

And speaking of Elixir, mojotastic wants to know what's in store for him and Exodus.

Can you explain to us what happened to Elixir and Exodus? What will be the fate of those characters?

Howdy mojotastic. I have a plan for Elixir and Exodus -- a plan I'm really excited about. Now, that doesn't mean I'll be getting to it any time soon, but I would certainly like to. For now, suffice it to say that despite their recent differences, Exodus still believes in Magneto, and Magneto still sees the value of a mutant like Exodus. Magneto was always putting chess pieces together for a rainy day. For Exodus and Elixir, that rainy day dawned around "Uncanny X-Men" #19.

Looking ahead to "X-Men Blue," Bart wants to know about Jean Grey's role.

How are you approaching Magneto's relationship to Jean? Is he going to try and take her under his wing or influence her knowing how powerful she ends up becoming? Definitely someone you'd want on your side.

You seem to think Magneto is up to his old tricks. You seem to think he can't just turn over a new leaf and want to help mutants and humans get along. You seem to believe he can't help but try to manipulate Jean for some ulterior motive! Yes, that sounds like something Magneto can't help but do, but people change, Bart! People evolve!

Or not.

The relationship between Magneto and Jean is key to this series. It's Jean who convinces the X-Men to sign up with Magneto. And both Jean and Magneto have ulterior motives. Issue #2 reveals (or at least hints at) those motives.

X-Men Blue #2
EXCLUSIVE: "X-Men Blue" #2 interior art by Jorge Molina

There's another A-List X-Man that fans want to see more of, and Patrick has a question about her.

An X-Editor recently tweeted that us Emma fans should be reading your book. Can you give some hints as to what her role would be? The end of "IvX" seems to make it undeniably clear that she'll be an antagonist, but gods we Emma fans are hoping that was just fluke and she won't be such a mustache twirling caricature in your book.

So, here's the thing, Patrick. Emma will be very important to my book, but I can't reveal much more than that. She will, though, appear as she did in her last appearance. She has definitely taken on a more villainous role at this point. Does that mean she'll stay that way? Who knows? Maybe so, maybe not. But when she displays a change of heart, it will take a little time to get there. Stick with me.

MarvelMaster616 wants to make sure you haven't forgotten a major component of X-lore.

In a previous X-POSITION, the X-editors hinted that a familiar love triangle would be forming in the pages of "X-Men Blue." Without spoilers, what can you tell us about that? Who will be involved and how will it unfold?

Nice try, MarvelMaster616! But if I tell you who is involved and how it will unfold, that would be spoiling it! All I can say is that I’m not going to forget the romance, and I feel like what I have planned will be a tribute to classic X-Men tales of young love.

Love triangles aside, Anduinel wants to know more about these characters' relationships.

Which interactions on this team are the most fun to write?

There are several that I dearly love. The interaction between Scott and Jean immediately springs to mind. But I also like Scott/Hank and Bobby/everyone. A few issues down the line, there's some neat interaction between Jean and [REDACTED]. I decided that I wanted to introduce a number of recurring supporting characters for the book. (Stevie Hunter was always a favorite x-character for me) These characters are mostly new (with one exception no one will be surprised by) and I really, really love the interaction between the x-team and these characters.

But it is the interactions here on X-Position that are the most fun, Anduinel.

X-Men Blue #2
EXCLUSIVE: "X-Men Blue" #2 interior art by Jorge Molina

Derek wants to know what you have to say to, to put it matter of factly, the haters.

The time displaced O5 are a controversial set of characters. Not all fans have warmed to their existence since Bendis' run. What would you say to people who like your writing but aren't keen on that set of characters?

Hey, Derek. To some degree, there's not a lot I can say. A lot of fans like to cross their arms, plant their feet, and refuse to change their minds. That can be truly frustrating for a writer like me who truly cares about these characters and these stories.

And don't think I'm not sympathetic. When I was first given this project, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I liked the characters just fine, but they weren't my X-team. It wasn't until I started writing the book that I realized how much fun I was having with them and how I was still able to channel the classic X-sensibilities that I loved through this book and these characters.

I'll leave it at this: Readers have been demanding a return to glory for the X-Men, and they're getting it. These are fun, dramatic adventures with a classic X-vibe. When my "Uncanny X-Men" run was announced, there were so many people who balked at it because they had pre-conceived notions about the team. I feel like I proved a good many of them wrong. Let's see if I can do the same here.

And, hey, even if you hate the O5, I promise you there will be so many mutants -- heroes and villains, new and old. fan favorites and long forgotten -- appearing in this book, you'll not want to miss it.

As one of Marvel's preeminent Deadpool writers, Kamose1234 wonders if a team-up is in the works.

With all the Deadpool stories you've written, is there a chance the ["X-Men Blue"] team will encounter Wade?

Hey, Kamose1234! There's a good chance. In fact, I may have just written that... but maybe it wasn't for "X-Men Blue"! Seeeeeeeeeekrits.

And lastly this week, Chad has a question about one of the O5's ex-teammates.

Was there a specific reason that Laura was left off the "X-Men Blue" team? She really is a great character and seemed to fit in so well with the O5. I hope you all don't just push her out again. She belongs on an X-Team!

Hi, Chad. So, when I was assigned this book, I was asked to start with the Original Five X-Men. I could -- and will -- add to the team, but the O5 were my starting point for the first few issues. The characters I add, though, will fit into a specific theme that I have in mind. I just typed out (and then deleted) the details of that theme, but I think it would spoil too much about what's coming. You folks place your bets about the theme, and we'll see if you were right several X-Positions down the line.

Special thanks to Cullen Bunn for taking on this week's questions!

"X-Men Blue" #1 will arrive in stores on April 12. Keep checking CBR for information on the next installment of X-POSITION!

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