On the twelfth day of Christmas, the X-Office sent to me,

A ton of previews for X-POSITION-ites to see...

Okay, it's not technically the twelfth day of Christmas, but you get the idea. Marvel Comics' X-Office wanted to thank all of its readers for their support and passion throughout the year, so they're allowing us to preview the covers for March's solicitations early. You all must have been very good (and mostly well-behaved on the forums) to get such a treat!

In the images below, you'll find a Greek god, an American legend, heads on stakes, a webhead (sans stake) and much, much more. What stories await behind these previews? And what's in store for our merry mutants in 2011? Check in with CBR tomorrow for Marvel's full solicitations and with X-POSITION every week to talk with the X-creators and get the answers you seek.

In two weeks, writer Zeb Wells will be joining us to kick off the new year with a final Q&A as he wraps up his run on "New Mutants." Are there any questions still lingering in your minds about the reformation of this team? Now is the time to ask them! Just type an email and send it to me as soon as you can. As always, an "X-Position" in the subject line earns a smiley face next to your name (and keeps me from dumping coal in your stocking).

But wait! There's one more treat awaiting you before year's end - our "Best X-Moments of 2010" special. I've tallied the results of your choices from the X-forum and emails I've received, and I have the results. What moments did you all choose? You may be surprised. Come back in seven days and find out. See you then!

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