X-POSITION: X-Editors Reveal Their "Apocalypse Wars" Battle Plan

And now we have a few questions from our readers, starting with one from MarvelMaster616.

Dennis Hopeless mentioned in his previous X-POSITION that the X-books would link up a bit more after "Apocalypse Wars." Can you tell us what to expect in terms of how the three major X-books ("Extraordinary," "All-New" and "Uncanny") will affect one another in the future?

Ketchum: I think I'll have to answer this question with the dreaded, "Wait and see!" But I'll tell you that everything really starts with "Death of X." Once that story stars, we'll start to see some big developments in the "X-Men" titles...

Next up, we have a question from xhx23x about what we're not seeing in "Apocalypse Wars."

Were there any ideas that you wanted to incorporate in "Apocalypse Wars" that there wasn't any room for?

Chris Robinson: Apocalypse. The designs are chilling.

Ketchum: The writers and artists gave us so much during "Apocalypse Wars"... I can't even fathom what else we could have fit in there? I mean, Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos designed an entirely new world, reimagined Apocalypse's horsemen, and still found room to level up Anole!

ExodusCloak has noticed a running theme in the X-Books lately, including "Apocalypse Wars."

How do you decide whether a concept has saturated your stories? For the last three years, time-travel has saturated your stories, as have alternate versions of the same characters. How do you decide what story concepts to reject and keep?

Robinson: Great question, EC! The zeitgeist is stronger than you think when it comes to narrative media. That's how you end up with two movies about asteroids hitting Earth in the same summer or, for a less dated reference, two Tarzan studio tentpoles a year apart. The greater question is, what is it about our current culture that has folks thinking about alternate universes and going back in time to fix the present?

That's a puzzle, right there! And appropriately, Cmbmmool has a question about another puzzle -- the character known as Angel.

Why isn't the O5 Angel affected by the return of his former Archangel persona? Will we ever get to see the O5 Angel discussing his connection to Apocalypse in the future?

Ketchum: We didn't really have the real estate in "All-New X-Men" to explore O5 Angel's connection -- or lack thereof -- to Apocalypse. The Apocalypse story Dennis Hopeless really wanted to tell was Evan's. He was due for some time in the spotlight. And that's for the best, because Cullen Bunn was already planning on doing some cool stuff with Archangel in "Uncanny." It is certainly possible that Archangel and O5 Angel will cross paths in the future, though...

There is an X-Men movie coming out in a few weeks, and Kamose1234 has noticed a little similarity.

Later this month, the new X-Men film starring "the first one" as the titular villain will be out. Did the movie play any role in affecting the comics event, or was "Apocalypse Wars" given the timing of its release meant to celebrate the characters first on screen appearance?

Ketchum: I've watched the trailers for the film, and it doesn't look like it and "Apocalypse Wars" share much in common... and that includes Apocalypse! Though I do wish there was more Oscar Isaac in "Extraordinary X-Men."

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a "Poe Dameron"/"Extraordinary X-Men" crossover! We'll close out this week with a Q from MiddlePegasus about crossovers past.

I'll throw out a fun one: what's everyone's favorite X-Men event or crossover from the past?

Robinson: This is most definitely cheating, but "House of M!" Gave us one of the best Spidey designs ever, so on that alone, I'll always remember it fondly.

Ketchum: I started reading comics regularly around the time "The Phalanx Covenant" and "Age of Apocalypse" were hitting shelves, so they'll always hold a special place in my heart. But my favorite crossover might just be "X-Tinction Agenda," because in many ways it was a model for the crossovers that followed. Also, it returned Storm to adulthood -- thank god!

Thanks to Daniel Ketchum and Chris Robinson for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, "Old Man Logan" and "Extraordinary X-Men" writer Jeff Lemire joins us here at X-POSITION. Have a question for Jeff? Go ahead and send 'em in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position". But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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