X-POSITION: X-Editors Guide the X-Men Through "Secret Wars" & Beyond - Part 2

No matter when you started reading the X-Men, odds are there's a "Secret Wars" book just for you. The nature of Marvel's mega event, which is set on a patchwork planet comprised of the remains of dozens of alternate Earths, has allowed for the X-line to diversify and include series focusing on nearly every era of X-Men history. Fans of Chris Claremont and John Byrne's '80s run will be thrilled by "Years of Future Past"; Wolverine's readers have more "Old Man Logan" to look forward to; readers that came on during Grant Morrison's run should check out "E is For Extinction"; and Saturday morning cartoon aficionados have to check out the digital-first "X-Men '92."

X-POSITION: X-Editors Guide The X-Men Through "Secret Wars" & Beyond - Part 1

Yesterday, the team of X-Editors tackled topics surrounding the future of the X-Men line; today we conclude our oversized X-POSITION with Mark Paniccia, Daniel Ketchum, Xander Jarowey, Christina Harrington, Katie Kubert and Jordan D. White who tackle reader questions about the X-Men's exciting present.

CBR News: Welcome to part two of our X-Editors X-POSITION. First up, Marc has a question about "House of M."

How significant will Wanda's role be in "House of M"? Will the dynamic between Wanda and Pietro be further explored?

Katie Kubert: As in the original "House of M" series, Wanda's role as all around badass, as well as the daughter of King Magnus, sister to Lorna and Pietro, and mother to twins Wiccan and Speed, is essential to our "Secret Wars" story. Her feelings on her father's rule, as well as her relationship with her brother, play a significant role when deciding whose side to take in the fight to conquer the Monarchy of M domain. She's a major player!

Christina Harrington: The drama between Wanda and Pietro -- and the rest of the family, to be honest -- can feel a bit like a reality show at times, but in other ways, the friction there can feel very real. At the end of the day they're a family and half of the fun of this series is seeing how different -- and how similarly -- these characters interact with one another when they're the ones in absolute power.

X-POSITION: "X-Men '92" Writers Rap About Mutants & Mall Babes

Even if the digital-first series "X-Men '92" is tied to one specific year, FlawedCoil82 hopes to see Chris Sims, Chad Bowers and Scott Koblish create adventures for this throwback team for years to come.

I have admittedly been away from the X-books since Marvel took away the 90s team and costumes. "X-Men '92" has brought me back to Marvel after all these years. Is there any chance that "X-Men '92" will become an ongoing series after "Secret Wars" ends, even if it has to be completely separated from the other X-titles?

Jordan D. White: Yeah, sure it's possible! If the readers keep buying up the series in droves and it becomes a sales behemoth, then yeah! We will continue it! And if the ongoing sells well enough, we can do spinoffs until the "X-Men '92" line dwarfs the regular X-Men line. But in all seriousness -- yeah, everyone working on the series is having such a blast making it happen, we would be thrilled to continue the adventures past what's planned. Here's to "X-Men '93" and beyond!

Sam Humphries' "Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde" series will see the return of the "Age of Apocalypse" version of Kitty, and belay wants to know about another character appearing in the series.

Gambit the collector was a surprise appearance in the preview of "Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde." Will we see more of him in the book or is it just a cameo?

Harrington: He's such a fun addition to the book! And it feels like such a natural thing to have happen to Gambit, this master thief -- of course there'd be a version of him out there that's filled the role of The Collector! I bet he just couldn't help himself. I don't want to give too much away, so I guess you'll have to pick up the book to see how big his part is.

Scribbles has a question about one thing all of Kitty Pryde's boyfriends have in common.

What is the deal with Kitty and guys named Peter? Rasputin, Wisdom, Quill (and even Parker in the Ultimate Universe)... It seems like she has a thing for guys with the name. Is this a running in-house joke? If so, will she break off her engagement with Star-Lord and hook up with Paste Pot Pete? Because that would be oddly great.

Harrington: Hey, some ladies just have a type.

The late '80s X-Men event "Inferno" is making a comeback in a series by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Garron. Starleafgirl has a question about cameos in the series.

In the August 2015 solicitations, the cover of "Inferno" #4 displays a variety of mutants in Mr. Sinister's test tubes, ranging from some of mutantkind's heaviest hitters, such as Storm and Iceman, to characters we haven't seen much of lately, such as Bishop, Penance, and Wolfsbane. Were these choices significant and can we expect these mutants to have an impact on the story?

Kubert: Some yes and some no -- it's all foreshadowing to Sinister's bigger plan and how his plans may have a larger impact on the mutants of this domain than Maddie's or Colossus'.

captain Qball has a question about "Inferno" lead character Colossus.

I've been enjoying Colossus in "Inferno." I know some aren't thrilled to revisit Colossus being blinded by love for his sister, but I embrace it. What is different about this Colossus compared to 616 and how will he differ going forward?

Kubert: Glad ya dig so far! This Colossus has lived a completely different life than the one from the 616 (although, to be fair, in Battleworld, there is no 616!) since he has been totally consumed with loss, regret and failure. His inability to save his sister affects his personal relationships, his outlook on life -- and while some of that may change him in the post-"SW" world, only time will tell -- especially if he succeeds in his mission to save Illyana!

Classic X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza makes a comeback in "Age of Apocalypse," along with rising artist Gerardo Sandoval. Speaking of classic X-Men, Starleafgirl has a question about a longtime -- and long underused -- X-Man.

The covers of the first five issues of "Age of Apocalypse" will fit together to form one massive image drawn by Gerardo Sandoval; among the many characters in the image is one of my personal favorite "Age of Apocalypse" characters: Husk. Will she or any of her "Generation Next" teammates have an important part to play in the story to come?

Kubert: So glad you like the cover -- it's always a challenge to coordinate a cover that spans across five issues into something as elegant and glorious as Gerardo's piece. We wanted this series to feel, smell, taste... exactly like the Age of Apocalypse world that so many know and love, and that means the inclusion of characters like Husk and possibly others from the Generation Next team. Husk is a part of the Elite Mutant Force -- Mr. Sinister's "Police Force," and will make her first appearance in issue #2.

Xander Jarowey: Not going to lie, I'm also a big Husk fan. She just has such a fascinating power-set. I don't want to give anything away, but one thing to keep in mind here is that in this Age of Apocalypse, we may not be dealing with the same status quo you remember. Fabian is telling a great story that Gerardo Sandoval is drawing the heck out of -- not to mention the gorgeous colors of David Curiel. But this is a new story. I guess my answer is to expect nothing and everything. If you're an AoA fan, this book is definitely going to scratch that itch for you.

Even though Deadpool is dead, that hasn't stopped Cullen Bunn from bringing the Merc with a Mouth into "Secret Wars" in a totally unexpected way. cc008 wants to know just how honest you guys have been when it comes to "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars."

Jordan, you and Cullen [Bunn] have said from the beginning that "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" has nothing to do with the current "Secret Wars" going on. Why do I feel like you guys are hiding something from us?

White: Because you are a naturally untrusting person, cc008, and let me tell you -- you will never find love that way. You have to be willing to give your heart freely in order to find that true connection, and yeah, that means you risk heartbreak. But it's worth it. And that's what "Secret Wars" is all about, when you really boil it down.

Anyway, no, "Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" is not a tie-in to the Marvel event of 2015 -- it's a tie-in to the Marvel event of 1984. Maybe that's why it's making those massive '80s comic sales figures! Woooo!!!! Ca-ching ca-ching!!! We are going to be rich!!!

Speaking of the '80s, Marguerite Bennett and Mike Norton's "Years of Future Past" expands upon one of that decade's most iconic storylines. It also includes a certain purple dragon, which makes Derek Metaltron very happy.

Is there any chance of letting Lockheed be a more focused-on character post "Secret Wars"? The little alien dragon is looking important in both "Master of Kung Fu" and "Years of Future Past" and that needs to stay that way!

Bennett Crafts A War-Torn Coming of Age Story in "Years Of Future Past"

Kubert: While I can't speak to Lockheed's role post-"SW," I can definitely suggest you pick up "Years of Future Past" #2 and #3, as well as the fantastically amazing main and variant covers for issue #3. From one Lockheed fan to another, I'd love to figure out a way for him to play a larger role! We'll get on it!

Harrington: If you love Lockheed, you're going to love both Art Adams' and Mike Norton's take on the character. Their covers are epic, and gorgeous. They made this Lockheed fan very, very happy.

Mark Paniccia: And hey, I love lizards. I know Lockheed's a dragon. I'm just sayin'. On that note we end our first X-Position. Thanks everyone and I look forward to more.

Thanks to all the X-Editors for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, "Inferno" writer Dennis Hopeless will return to X-Position. Have a question for Dennis? Go ahead and send 'em in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday! Make it happen!

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