X-POSITION: X-Editors Bring the X-Men Into "All-New, All-Different Marvel"

Bye-bye "Secret Wars," hello "All-New, All-Different Marvel!" During the transition from the literally earth-shattering event to the Marvel Universe's new status quo, a lot has changed for the X-Men. When the mutants return after their summer hiatus in October's "Extraordinary X-Men" #1, a number of things will be different -- like the fact that the Terrigen Mists have rendered mutants sterile! While Storm and Magneto gather different X-Men units for incredibly different purposes, the teenage heroes strike out on their own.

Bunn On X-Men's "All-New, All-Different" Status Quo: "The X-Men Are No More"

This week, X-Men editors Daniel Ketchum and Christina Harrington return to X-POSITION and answers your questions about everything from "Extraordinary X-Men" to "Old Man Logan" and beyond.

CBR News: Welcome back to X-POSITION, X-Editors!

Daniel Ketchum: Hello! X-Men editor Daniel Ketchum here, along with assistant editor Christina Harrington. We're very excited to be here for this week's X-Position... especially as we're on the cusp of debuting our all-new line of "X-Men" titles. We have lots of exciting surprises in store, so let's see if we can answer your questions without spoiling them!

I like the sound of that! Let's kick things off with a question from Steven about the big Terrigen Mist storyline.

I was wondering what the difference this new dilemma with the Terrigen Mists will be from the "no more mutants" extinction threat the X-Men just escaped from. And given the effects of the mist, should we fear some off-panel deaths of certain sidelined and unmentioned X-Men?

Christina Harrington: The No More Mutants event at the end of "House of M" was instantaneous and it happened without a lot of the mutants knowing why it was happening or how. With the Terrigen Mists, this is a physical threat that most mutants know about. Rather than a "magical" and instant event, this new threat by the Mists is much more drawn out and visual -- it will have political ramifications between the Inhuman and the Mutant communities and out into the larger Marvel U.

Ketchum: That's really the biggest difference, isn't it? The Terrigen Mists spell doom for mutantkind, while serving as the catalyst for everything that makes the Inhumans what they are. So even though the X-Men are racing to save their species, they're going to need to tread carefully...

Next up txgohan has a question about representation in the X-Men.

One of the things that I loved about the X-Men is the diversity within their ranks. But I noticed that in the three team books being released, there aren't many minorities on the lineup. I've only seen Storm, M, and Psylocke. Will the cast become more diverse later on?

Ketchum: Thank you for raising this question, txgohan! Representation of minorities is definitely something that I'm keenly aware of...

The oncoming writers of the All-New, All-Different "X-Men" titles crafted their team rosters based on theme, choosing characters that fit the mission statements of their books. Jeff Lemire has a classic lineup in "Extraordinary X-Men," which resembles the team from "Giant-Size X-Men" #1 in its global, multicultural feel (and will even more so come issue #6!). In "Uncanny X-Men," Cullen Bunn went for our... let's say... morally ambiguous characters. And Dennis Hopeless rounded out "All-New X-Men" with characters who are determined to step out of their predecessors' shadows and write their own futures.

And while doing this, they did a wonderful job keeping their eyes on diversity. You name Storm, M, and Psylocke. There's also Idie Onknonkwo in "All-New X-Men." Veteran X-Man Forge is in the cast of "Extraordinary." There is at least one gay character in the mix. (Wink!) We also have an abundance of blue characters? And, of course, we have a time-traveling Canadian... Hi, Jeff Lemire!

So, yes! Pretty diverse casts when the curtains open, and they'll certainly become increasingly so as we go...

For the first time in recent memory, a lot of headlining X-Men characters will be appearing in non-X-Men books, and Anduinel has a question about that development.

There's been quite a bit of character-sharing among the different Marvel families post-"Secret Wars," and the X-Men haven't been excluded from that: Beast is running with the Inhumans, Kitty Pryde with the Guardians, Rogue and Sunspot are with the Avengers and so on. Are there any other titles on the horizon that, while not specifically X-Men books, might be of interest to X-Men fans?

Harrington: I know I'm personally very interested in "New Avengers," if only because Hulkling and Wiccan are on that team. I love Billy and Teddy (and Gerardo Sandoval's art and Al Ewing's writing, and basically everything about that book, to be honest)! Rogue will be on the "Uncanny Avengers" team, so if you're a Rogue fan (like myself!) that'll be a book you'll want to grab.

Ketchum: I moonlight as an Avengers editor, so I'm all too happy to point you to "Uncanny Avengers" and "A-Force"! Rogue will be playing a much bigger part in this iteration of "Uncanny" (just wait until you see the cover for issue #5!). And "A-Force" will feature Dazzler, as well as some guest appearances by other X-characters down the road.

This is the first time in a while that every X-Men team book goes by a variation on the title "X-Men," which CraigTheCylon points out.

Is there any hope for the return of any "satellite" teams, like X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur x-cetera? I do acknowledge that the "Extraordinary," "All-New" and "Uncanny" teams are wildly different in roster and aims, but they're still all "X-Men" and I'm kind of a sucker for variety if nothing else.

Ketchum: Well, our current line-up of X-Titles is "Extraordinary [X-Men]," "All-New [X-Men]," "Uncanny [X-Men]," "Old Man Logan," "All-New Wolverine" and "[X-Men] '92." (I feel like I'm forgetting one... ?) I promise they are indeed wildly different from one another! No immediate plans to add more X to the plate at the moment, but that's not to say there won't be more titles involving X-characters...

Lemire, Ramos Launch "Extraordinary X-Men" Post-"Secret Wars"

Starleafgirl is gonna try and get the answer to a very buzzed about question, here.

What has happened to the current students and teachers of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning in "All New All Different" Marvel? Will there still be a school for mutant youth in the new status quo and, if so, who will be running it?

Harrington: This is one of those things that you're just going to have to pick up the book and read about. No spoilers!

Aw, well, we had to try with the Jean Grey School question! Anyway, Dominique has a question about the specific adult mutants that have been chosen to appear in these books.

I see some originals [in] X-Teams after "SW," but I also feel it is the same people we always see or expect to see in the X-books (only that in this case we don't expect to see them together like in these teams). Do you have plans for other mutants (like the kids that used to study in the Jean Grey School) or ex-mutants (like my favorite character ever, Jubilee) that don't appear in the already announced teams in the "All-New, All-Different Marvel"?

Harrington: I'm a huge fan of "classic" X-Men characters like Storm and Nightcrawler and Iceman, so a book like "Extraordinary" that features these characters is very appealing to me. That being said, I think you'll be pleased with some of our choices for all three of these books -- we've been able to assemble a variety of different characters from different "eras" and even the more classic X-Men team members are being shown in new ways. I'm very excited to see how people react to Jeff Lemire's take on Nightcrawler, for instance. The X-Men world we're jumping into post-"Secret Wars" is a different one for sure, and all of our characters reflect that.

Ketchum: There are so many X-Men! We could probably staff, like, twenty "X-Men" titles without any repeats. (And even then, Slipstream still wouldn't end up on a team.) But for my sanity, I'm glad we're sticking to the handful of books that we've got. I promise, though, that there will be cameos by a variety of different X-characters. A few young mutants turn up in "Extraordinary," and some familiar faces can be found in the first arc of "Uncanny."

Speaking of all those mutants, Pat L. has a question about a specific fabulous diamond-covered X-Man.

As a big long time fan of Emma Frost, I'm bummed that she is nowhere to be seen in the "All-New, All-Different" solicits so far. Are there plans for her in the near-ish future or is she going to be back-benched for a while?

Harrington: Another wait and see question!

There are also some solo titles in the new lineup of books, including "Old Man Logan," which Kamose1234 wants to know more about.

Its been interesting seeing Old Man Logan jump between different universes in "Secret Wars," but in "All-New All-Different Marvel," will this carry over? Will the elderly Wolverine have to manage the aspects of being in a reality where he recently passed away, but in his [home reality] almost everyone he knew has died?

Harrington: Absolutely! Jeff Lemire will join the artistic team from the "Secret Wars" series, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo, for an "Old Man Logan" ongoing series that will launch in January. And if you can't wait for January for new stories about our favorite grumpy Canadian, Logan will be a main character in our "Extraordinary X-Men" team book. Watching that character interact with and grow in the main Marvel Universe is one of my favorite parts of the "All-New, All-Different" X-Men line and I hope you like it, too! Humberto Ramos has been killing it at capturing Logan's grumpiness, and Andrea Sorrentino's inks have been amazing. It's great!

Ketchum: I've really enjoyed reading Jeff Lemire's take on Old Man Logan -- a boots on the ground, man-out-of-time story. We'll definitely be touching on his past (future?) in "Old Man Logan," with whole sequences set in the Wasteland. But we'll also see how that history bears on the present... lots of that in the first few issues of "Extraordinary X-Men."

X-23 will get her own book in "All-New Wolverine," and healed1337 has a question about that series.

With Laura and Old Man Logan both getting their own solo series, how long until we seem them crossing over or at least appearing in each other's titles?

Harrington: Nothing in the works just yet, but as a fan of both Logan and our new Wolverine, that's a storyline I'm itching to see, and a character moment I would love Laura to have.

Ketchum: No plans yet, but you'll probably see the sitcom version on ABC as a mid-season replacement first. Teenaged clone moves in with the time-displaced alternate version of her dead progenitor. And claws. Hijinks ensue!

Speaking of solo titles, Christopher wants to know if a certain wind-rider will get another ongoing series.

Any chance of trying again with a Storm ongoing? Perhaps one with a more integrated approach involving female creators? I'm sure G. Willow Wilson and Afua Richardson would be onboard.

Harrington: I think Storm is going to be plenty busy leading our "Extraordinary X-Men" team, but never say never!

"Mockingbird" Ongoing Series on the Way, "X-Men '92" Extended

We recently learned that "X-Men '92" will be continuing on after "Secret Wars," and Ginny wants to know a little more about that book's supporting cast.

With "X-Men '92" returning and Cassandra Nova's students enrolling at the Xavier Institute, will recent arrivals Generation X (who were seen in the last issue of the miniseries) be apart of the story you're telling? Are there any plans to feature those characters for their (overdue) 20th anniversary?

Jordan D. White: Whoa -- hey, there! Jordan D. White here, X-Editor '92 dropping in to answer this one! Yes, for certain Generation X will be popping up in our ongoing, along with some other even more surprising teen mutants! They're not going to be taking center stage most of the time -- this is the X-Men's book, after all -- but issue #1 might just involve a certain firework generator going on her first date with someone related to your interests...

primetime21 wants to know if you can put one persistent rumor to rest.

Is the rumored plotline about the X-Men going off world still viable or has it been scrapped?

Harrington: I wish I could answer this with emojis! Like, the sly smiling one? Or maybe the devil head? Read and find out, True Believer!

As we near the end of X-PO this week, Tekkaman Blade has a query about handbooks.

Can we expect an "All-New All-Different Marvel: X-Men" one-shot handbook with profiles of the remaining mutants similar to the "198 Files," "Messiah Complex Mutant Files," "Heroic Age," and "Earth's Mutant Heroes" one-shots of the past that highlighted the X-Men during a major change to their status in the Marvel Universe?

Ketchum: Oh man, I love me a handbook. Remember the old "X-Men Index" issues? The ones that were basically, like, encyclopedia entries for every issue of "Uncanny X-Men"? We need to bring those back!

Anyway, no plans for a new X-Men handbook at the moment, much to my chagrin. But I'll be the first signature on your petition for one!

And lastly this week, Fokken asks the question.

Romance. Who's loving who? Lemire implied romance is on the horizon. Give us some soon-to-be-pairings to argue/applaud on the boards, please and thank you!

Harrington: I know I'm falling head-over-heels for: Pickles! Hank McCoy's pet BAMF in "All-New X-Men"! Dude is a little cutie, and Mark Bagley draws him with such personality. He's going to steal the series!

Ketchum:Haha, is that how we're answering this question? Who do the editors have crushes on?

For your sakes, I'll spare you, and say that maybe just as much as we brainstorm which villains our heroes are going to fight, the creators discuss which characters are going to fall in love. Some examples? Wolverine (Laura) and Angel are still a thing. Storm was romantically involved with Logan at the time of his death, so surely the arrival of Old Man Logan will weigh on her. But the character whose love life we've talked about most? Iceman. Take from that what you will...

Thanks to Daniel Ketchum, Christina Harrington and -- surprise! -- Jordan D. White for taking on this week's questions!

Next week, Jeff Lemire makes his X-POSITION debut to answer your questions about "Extraordinary X-Men"! Have a question for Jeff? Go ahead and send 'em in via an e-mail with the subject line "X-Position" or if 140 character questions are more your speed, try Twitter. But get 'em in quickly, because the deadline's Friday. Make it happen!

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