Just as the X-editors own a corner of the Marvel offices, the X-Men now own a corner of the Marvel Universe - Utopia! What does this mean for our merry mutants and the greater Marvel U? It definitely raises many questions, which is why we've brought out every available X-editor for this special edition of CBR's exclusive weekly X-Men feature, X-POSITION

Today, we have a genuine who's who from the editing bullpen here to answer your questions, includeing Executive Editor & X-Men Group Editor Axel Alonso and X-Editors Nick Lowe, Sebastian Girner, Daniel Ketchum, Jody LeHeup, and Jeanine Schaefer. All of you X-Positionites sent in a ton of questions, and I'm sure you're itching for answers, so let's get to it!

CBR: The first query of the day comes from dddevil01 - a polite fan who doesn't want to offend Wolverine's son with a tied-up tongue.

I was wondering how to accurately pronounce Daken's name. I've heard everything from Duh-ken to Day-ken to Dokken. I really enjoy that Daken's dubious moral nature, but I'm not sure I need that ambiguity extended to his moniker...

SEBASTIAN GIRNER: Daken's name - 駄犬 ("useless" or "no good" + "dog," so his name means "mongrel" or "cur") - is pronounced DA (like "yes" in Russian) and KEN (just like the name Ken).

Several fans wrote in with the following question, including CmX, Chris Garcia, Weslley, and Alex M. This well-heeled group of gentlemen all emailed with...wardrobe concerns?

Is there any way that Psylocke can get a new costume? Or at least have her current one redesigned or updated? The thongkini is iconic, but needs to go the way of the dodo.

JEANINE SCHAEFER: Is the thong out? When did that happen?

DANIEL KETCHUM: For better or worse, the "thongkini" is here to stay for the time being. But that's not the only thing we've seen Psylocke wearing recently. Check out the past few issues of "Uncanny X-Men," where Terry Dodson loves creating new looks for our favorite psychic ninja. And stay tuned for the upcoming "Psylocke" limited series, which will feature a few peeks at some of your favorite Psylocke costumes from back in the day.

Speaking of "back in the day," RoguishGurl wants to know if the ol' gang will ever get back together.

In "Messiah War," X-23 interacted with her old friend from NYX, Kiden Nixon. This made me very nostalgic for "NYX" and X-23's interactions with the NYX cast. Will that group ever meet with X-23 again? And if that can't happen, will we ever see X-23 address her NYX days more fully?

JEANINE SCHAEFER: There are plans in the works for X-23, although I'm sorry to say I can't get into them much right now. I know it seems like deflection, but if you love X-23, you're not going to want to miss the journey we're taking her on, both in "X-Force" and outside it. As it is, a pretty big chapter of her life is being dealt with right now in "X-Force," and issue #19 is going to see some huge hurdles for her to get over.

Jack is a no-nonsense kind of guy, and he's looking for answers - now!

When can we expect to hear more about the third act of the "Messiah" trilogy? Do you have any details about it yet? How many issues it will be? Will it involve crossovers?

AXEL ALONSO: The event will be structured more or less like "Messiah CompleX," starting with a one-shot, cutting across four monthly titles for three months, and winding up in a double-sized one-shot. More details to be announced soon.

Details? Elixir86 is thinking of one particular detail that would explain a lot...

When will the X-Club finally start looking for Hope Summers' genetic parents? It seems kind of ridiculous that none of the X-Men are interested in her folks, considering all the work that's been done to restart the mutant gene and find Hope.

NICK LOWE: To answer your first question, the X-Club has its hands full getting the new island up and running so...well, so it doesn't sink. So the question of Hope's parentage (and don't think we forgot that mystery) is going to have to wait.

In "Dark Reign: The Cabal" one-shot, the Namor story contains the first appearance of Crosta, an Atlantean boy with the power to create directed shockwaves. At the end of that story, Namor send him to the X-Men in San Francisco. Will we see this fact addressed anytime soon?

NICK LOWE: Keep your eyes peeled. He'll be making waves very soon!

MuhollandDriver not interested in waves; he's just looking for a cool breeze...

Despite the great mini last year, it still feels like Storm's relevance as an X-Man has diminished. I always think of Ororo as the complex leader who had interesting relationships with her teammates. I never thought, over a decade later, she would be sitting on a sofa watching television. Any big plans for her? Outside of her marriage?

DANIEL KETCHUM: While running back and forth between Wakanda and San Francisco has caused a slight decline in her screentime in the X-books, be assured that Storm still plays an important role in the X-Universe. Not only is she one of the most powerful X-Men, but the fact that she's mutant royalty makes her invaluable. Keep an eye on upcoming issues of "Uncanny" for more on this, especially as the X-Men build their own sovereign nation - Utopia.

And if it's simply some awesome Storm action you're looking for, keep an eye out for "Astonishing X-Men" #31. It just so happens that both myself and artist Phil Jimenez have a love of your favorite windrider...

Andre4000 seems to be a morbid sort who's curious about corpses.

How many mutants can we expect to see return from the dead in "Necrosha?" A dozen? More than twenty? Fifty plus?

JEANINE SCHAEFER: I'm not a mathemagician, but I can definitively say that "fifty plus" is an understatement, although I'm going to leave the exact number to experts Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. But the title alone should give you a pretty good idea about how many we're dealing with, and, without getting into specifics, there are going to be a lot of gut-wrenching reunions that definitely don't turn out the way anyone dreamed they might.

Adam Tisdale has a dream too. Can any of you editors help him out?

With the announcement of "Web of Spider-Man" along with the premature cancellation of "Exiles," I got to thinking: do you think there is any possibility for a "Web of Spider-Man"-type book for the X-universe? The recent minis that followed this format ("Manifest Destiny," "Divided We Stand") have sold well, and this would also be an ideal spot to continue Jeff Parker's "Exiles" as a backup feature!

NICK LOWE: If you love short stories, than you're in luck. Not only is there a "Necrosha: The Gathering" one-shot where you get to see Selene putting together her team of elite killers (you saw them briefly in the "Necrosha" preview in the back of most Marvel books this month), but we're also launching "Nation X," where you get to see what life is like on Utopia, the X-Men's new island home. The X-Men have been pushed to the edge and the stories you're going to get in there are fantastic.

Sorry to disappoint you that "Exiles" won't be in there, but if you want to see some Jeff Parker X-Stuff, definitely pick up the "X-Men/Agents of Atlas" mini that's coming up. And I'm also planning a "Life of Nick Lowe" anthology that is sure to please. See such exciting chapters as "Nick Goes Streaking in College," "Nick Gets Locked Out on Fire Escape," and "Nick Gets Fired By Axel for Somehow Publishing Biographical Anthology as X-Book."

One of X-Forum fanatic Novaya Havoc's favorite topics has finally become relevant, so here's his chance to shine!

I am so glad for the return of the sensational, elegant, timeless treasure known as Lois London! Will she and Dazzler be meeting soon? They are, after all, the star sister duo of the Marvel Universe. And now with Lois returning as a villain, the time for drama is nigh! What can we expect?

JEANINE SCHAEFER: I have a sign that says that hanging above my desk! Lois is a big part of "Necrosha," and she's a character that we're all excited to be working with. I don't want to ruin anything by telling you what's coming up, but the time for drama is totally nigh, and we'll be seeing even more of her in "Necrosha: The Gathering" (which Nick mentioned, written by super-team Kyle and Yost and drawn by a multitude of amazing artists), where we'll see exactly how she got caught up in all this in the first place.

Chrissstopher has questions about everything. As we have all the editors available, well, it's a good week to be Chrissstopher.

How is it going to work with Beast as part of X-Men and SWORD with Agent Brand? Will he be in both "Uncanny" and the SWORD title?

NICK LOWE: Someone sure took their curious pills this morning. Okay, for Beast you're just going to have to wait and see how we handle his double-duty.

What is going to happen with Xavier now that his tenure in "X-Men: Legacy" is over? Is he going into limbo?

NICK LOWE: He'll be hanging around the island trying not to get in Scott's way for the foreseeable future (we'll have to see how that goes).

What is the feeling about the X-Men moving, yet again, from San Francisco and now to their own little gated community? Will it last? What is Magneto going to say about it?

NICK LOWE: In response to your strangely posed question about the "feeling" now that they're on Utopia - the island is their home now. They've been pushed to the edge of civilization in a way and they're making the best of it. At this point, survival is their main concern. I'm not an expert on biology, but a species with less than 200 organisms to its name doesn't have much of a chance. And Magneto? Check out "Uncanny" starting with #515!

Why was Pixie chosen, among all of the young students, to get her own mini? Simply because there was someone who wanted to write her story? Or will something "special" be occurring with her?

NICK LOWE: Pixie got a mini because she rules. Plain and simple. Her Q-factor has been on the rise since "New X-Men," through the "FCBD: X-Men" story and big-time in "Uncanny." And you'll find out that she has a very interesting familial tie to X-Men history. You don't know everything about Megan Gwynn, but you will after you pick up her mini.

X-Factor is moving back to NY - will they be checking in on the Westchester grounds at all? What's their plan going to be there? And will they have more, less, or the same amount of involvement with the greater X-Universe?

JODY LEHEUP: As of issue #200, X-Factor will be broadening their horizons a bit and really becoming more of a detective agency for the Marvel Universe as a whole, not just the mutant population. So expect to see a lot more familiar faces from the superhuman community.

Will they still be a part of the X-Universe? Of course, just not in an exclusive capacity. As for Westchester, there's definitely been talk of paying the X-Men's old stomping grounds a visit, but it's probably not something that you'll be seeing out of the gate. Definitely keep reading though. Big things coming...

Is Deadpool really going to join the X-Men and/or X-Force? I like Wade better as a solo dude, but the occasional team-up is always a good time.

AXEL ALONSO: Well, Wade already made costume for himself, so he'd better! You'll have to read the "Nation X" tie-in arc, "Want you to Want Me" ("Deadpool" #16-18) to find out! And if you're into Deadpool team-ups, be sure to check out the debut of "Deadpool Team-Up" this November.

Matthew Buckley has a wandering mind that seems to drifting upwards...mostly towards outer space.

Do you guys have any plans for the X-jammers?

NICK LOWE: As of our plans right now, they aren't going to be back to earth too soon. But we love Havok and the rest as much as you do. Promise.

As we're discussing things in space, Fortyseven wants to know more about an item from space that's here on Earth.

Will it be explained, at some point, how Asteroid M made it to the bottom on the Pacific Ocean? I thought it blew up in the sun at the end of Morrison's "Planet X?"

NICK LOWE: It'll be explained right here! There has been more than one Asteroid M. In fact, there has been at least three of these Asteroid M's (depending on if you consider a rebuilt Asteroid M to be a new one). This is the first Asteroid M (or at least most of the first one).

Blair R. Campbell gets the last question of the day, and it's a head-scratcher...

Am I mistaken, or did the X-Men basically abandon Forge, one of their own, to certain death in "Astonishing X-Men" #30? I re-read this issue several times but I can't make sense of it. For the last few years, a major theme of the X-books has been that every mutant life is precious and the struggle for the mutant species to survive. So when the X-Men are faced with the choice of either saving Forge or abandoning him to die, they decide to do the latter?

Could you please offer your thoughts on why they did this and how it makes sense in the context of the survival of their species? I'm a big fan of Forge and it made me quite upset to see him treated so shabbily.

NICK LOWE: First, of all, Blair, I think you're oversimplifying the situation the X-Men were in with Forge. Not only did Forge open a Ghost Box, pointing terrifying beings from other universes right at ours, create a race of monsters and try to sacrifice the X-Men to solve the problems that he created, but he also went mad. They tried to get Forge out, but he wasn't going to go and he had the forces to make it impossible for the X-Men to take him out. They had to make a tough choice; although if history tells us anything, I'd hazard a guess that we haven't seen the last of Forge.

As for what it means to their struggling species, they had to leave so the race only lost one mutant and not the six of them as well. It's a wartime decision that isn't easy to make, but that's life.

Whew. After an X-POSITION like this, I feel full! If you still have more questions about the X-books, fear not - we will be back next week with writer Matt Fraction ("Uncanny X-Men," "Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia").

As per usual, send those emails my way with "X-Position" in the subject line. You know the drill: the sooner I get your questions, the more likely they are to be asked. So send those mutant missives now!

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